Decks of Interest—2019 Divination Deck Stocking Stuffers

Nov 16 2019

CECCOLI ORACLE • Nicoletta Ceccoli • Lo Scarabeo
To call Ceccoli’s illustrations fantasy art is seriously misleading. These beautifully rendered drawings are as disturbing as they are magical. The young girls who are featured, while sometimes appearing in threatening situations, aren’t helpless victims. The intense expressions on their faces let readers know that behind those wide eyes lies a brewing storm of emotion that is ready to demand a reckoning. Lunaea Weatherstone’s text adds emotionally-laden words to the visuals. I believe this is a feminist deck which was ahead of its time. 32-card deck and multi-lingual companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK

Amy Chace combined edgy, streetwise illustrations with to-the-point guidance (some of it from her mother) to create a breakthrough card deck that hints of graphic novels. Ask a question and pull a card. It might tell you to “Buck Convention”, “Move Your Body”, or “Stay the Course”. Where you go from there is up to you. This deck comes with no rules, just bold expression, whimsy, and lots and lots of color. It will make you feel like you have a friend who gets you. 46-card deck and full-color guidebook. SHOP FOR THE DECK

CRYSTAL GRID ORACLE • Nicola McIntosh • Rockpool Publishing
This beautiful deck brings nature and the power of crystals into a deck of cards so readers can access their complex energies without extensive materials or elaborate settings. We are taught how to call upon the unique spirit of each stone as we tune into the grid designs that McIntosh has created. In addition to being oracles, they are powerful meditation tools, calming and nurturing. The companion book tells us the names of the crystals in each card, making this deck a great way to learn about them. 36-card deck and full-color guidebook. SHOP FOR THE DECK

SPIRITSONG TAROT • Paulina Cassidy • U.S. Games Systems, Inc.
Paulina Cassidy is the master of creating lyrical artwork that is packed full of metaphysical meaning. For this deck, she has drawn on Native American and shamanic spiritual tradition in order to merge the healing messages of the animal world with the traditional tarot format. Each animal seems to come to life as you look at the card. The background of each card is filled with carefully-patterned symbolism. I love all Paulina’s decks but this one is my favorite. 78-card deck and companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK

THE SPIRIT ANIMAL ORACLE • Colette Baron-Reid • Jena DellaGrottaglia • Hay House
Colette Baron-Reid has brought the Higher Spirits of animals, insects, fish, and birds to the physical plane for the benefit of their human companions. Jena DellaGrottaglia’s elegant and magical illustrations show us the transcendent archetypal wisdom each animal carries with it. The deck is a visual treasure, with wings on cats and crowns on owls. I see something new every time I look through it. This is a standout in a long line of powerful oracle decks that Baron-Reid has created. 68-card deck and companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK

ENLIGHTEN UP • Andrea Smith • Beyond Words
The bold, direct paintings explode off these cards. Uninhibited and emotive, they are meant to help readers find answers to the questions in their lives or the inspiration that will aid them on their journey. The release of such bold energy is almost miraculously calming. As you move through the deck each card seems to touch a different part of your soul. Female-based and inclusive, the deck is a perfect gift for Millennials and Gen Z’s. 34-card deck and guidebook. SHOP FOR THE DECK

CRYSTAL INTENTIONS ORACLE • Margaret Ann Lembo • Llewellyn
As interest in crystals continues to grow, Margaret Ann Lembo remains at the forefront of the field. Her long list of state-of-the-art crystal card decks continues to grow. This deck remains my favorite. Its elegant design and simple, sophisticated format makes it a standout. The exquisite photography and transformational affirmations make the cards come alive. The back of each card carries a concise summary of the crystal’s healing properties. 42-card deck and full-color guidebook. SHOP FOR THE DECK

Carol Lew began with a standard playing card format and ended up with this imaginative (and funny) card deck. She shakes it up by creating animal portraits in the style of Old World masterpieces. Don’t let the cover illustration mislead you. These stately recreations don’t rely solely on domesticated animals. She includes pigs, hedgehogs, goats, and roosters as well. The renderings of different dog breeds is especially meticulous, making this a fabulous gift for dog lovers. Whether you use the deck for card games, to play solitaire, or to “tell fortunes” in the old school, gypsy way, this deck will add enormous fun to your activities. SHOP FOR THE DECK

Margaret Ann Lembo introduces this crystal mandala deck, a continuation of Eastwood’s Crystal Oversoul Attunements deck. Many readers are becoming interested in crystal grids now. Before there were crystal grids, there were Eastwood’s crystal mandalas, over-arching crystal patterns from the higher realms. For those of you who are already involved in what is commonly known as ascension, these cards will make perfect sense to you. For those of you who aren’t, meditating on these cards may open portals of insight for you, as well as a personal understanding of individual crystal energies. Eastwood has included two meditation CD’s, along with these 22 cards and 80-page, full-color guide, to help make the necessary connections. SHOP FOR THE DECK

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES TAROT • J.r. Rivera & Jasmine Becket-Griffith • REDFeather
The beautiful, big-eyed young women in Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s illustrations take on an especially exotic nature when combined with J.r. Rivera’s adaption of the tarot. The creatures they interact with are sometimes real and sometimes mythical. The deck is designed for simplicity of use. The cards, while luxurious, are not overly complex. The companion book contains in-depth interpretations for those who are not seasoned card readers. It’s a special divination tool but it’s also worth the price of the deck just to look at the pictures. 80-card deck and companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Chibi Anime Angel Cards

Nov 09 2019

What gift will these little angels bring you?

It might be difficult to believe that these charming little angel drawings contain the secrets of the universe, but Dawn Brown has worked very hard to insure that that is the case. Just the symbolism of the angel names is powerful. Brown has added imagery that is intended to unlock the universal wisdom we hold in our subconscious in order to facilitate insight and transformation. By allowing the toy-like Chibi Anime illustrations to connect directly with the inner child, readers will have access to the deepest levels of their inner knowing and the spiritual growth that is made possible by that.

Whether you are interested in divination, angel mythology, metaphysical meditation, or none of the above, this is a fun deck to use. And, of course, the children in your life will love it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Santa Muerte Oracle

Nov 01 2019

How do you honor the ancestors?

Listrani’s vivid imagination continues on where his Santa Muerte Tarot left off, adding 32 more cards to the imagery of the Great Lady of Death. He divides the cards into four levels of vibration (which resonate with the Four Worlds of Kabbalah). He leaves it to individual readers to determine whether these cards should follow or precede the Santa Muerte Tarot images. He offers us compelling images which merge the traditional with the futuristic, capturing the raw energy that moves human beings through the ongoing cycles of life and death. His intent is to free us from the limited perceptions of the physical plane and open communication with those who have gone before us and those who will follow us.

It’s an amazing deck, especially at Samhain. And then there’s this fun fact, if you lay the cards out face down in four rows of eight cards, you will have a ouija board. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Book of Interest—The Magian Tarok

Oct 26 2019

Where does TAROT symbolism come from?

FAIR WARNING. This is a serious scholarly treatise tracing the roots of TAROT imagery back to the beginnings of recorded history. Those who are less inclined to academic undertakings might want to turn directly to Page 73 and begin reading with the individual descriptions of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards. If you are at all serious about interpreting tarot cards, you will find this section a very worthwhile undertaking. For those of us who have developed an ongoing curiosity about where the tarot cards really came from, the seriously-researched, new information provided here is well worth making quality time to review.

Flowers relies heavily on the work of Swedish scholar Sigurd Agrell as well as presenting more than a few obscure texts that have been all but overlooked in recountings of TAROT’s roots. He reviews the contributions of the names most of us are familiar with (Waite/Smith, Crowley/Harris, Lèvi, Papus, de Gebelin, Mathers, Huson, and Etteilla). Once he has put the traditional lore of the past century-plus into perspective, he traces the symbology back to India and Iran. He suggests that the most likely scenario is that the philosophies of Iranian Mithrism found their way into the military cults of ancient Rome and became the basis of Hermetic initiatory practice. When Christianity began driving these ancient esoteric cults underground, their metaphysical allure was concentrated. That concentration has been blossoming during the last few decades as New Age brought all of these things out of the underworld and into the mass awareness.

Flowers gave me the thread that connected all the pieces of Western esoteric wisdom I have been collecting. He writes directly without the obscure trappings of esoteric writings from a century ago. If you know who the players are, it suddenly all makes sense. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Deck of Interest—Mirror Truth Lenormand Cards

Oct 19 2019

What do you see in the mirror?

Combining modern technology with traditional illustration, Silvia Neitzner has delivered a new take on the traditional Lenormand format. Infused with her work as a naturopath and healer, this deck speaks to the facets of healing that must be worked through to arrive at self-empowerment. Whatever you see in the cards is what you need to work on first. The answers live within you. These cards will direct you to what you need to know and they will do it with deceptive simplicity.

The interpretations in the companion book are direct. (“Birds look from above and thus get an overview of the situation. That is exactly what is required with this card. Get an overview before you take action.”) The wisdom you gain will come from the work you do deciphering what that means for you. Elaborate directives may be comforting but it is only with personal involvement that true wisdom and resolution is found. Let Silvia Neitzner point you in the right direction. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Elle Qui Oracle

Oct 12 2019

How do you connect with your feminine power?

These 44 exquisite cards are meant to introduce you to your inner feminine strengths and wisdom. Their names come from around the world (Colette-She Who Nurtures, Conscia-She Who Whispers, Abanolaka-She Who Battles, Eclat-She Who Regrets, Kamala-She Who Emerges). The illustrations are state of the art digital, each one more beautiful than the last, combining fantasy and romance with classical foundations. The depicted ladies are physically perfect according to traditional, conservative standards of beauty. It is, however, the powerful energy that they transmit (most often conveyed by a direct gaze) that raises this deck from the realm of art to the realm of modern transcendence. The esoteric wisdom can be found in the accessories, be it jewelry, head dresses, flowers, tarot cards or daggers.

Don’t be misled by the glamour of the images. This deck delivers serious messages regarding women’s unfoldment. We are coming into a time when women can be pretty and relevant. If you’re interested in the spiritual overtones of the next generation of feminism, spend some time with these cards. You won’t be disappointed. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Alchemical Visions Tarot

Oct 04 2019

On sale November 1.

Can you change the future?

A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman-Smith created their iconic tarot deck during the Piscean age. It was the age of fishermen and carpenters remembering the ancient wisdom of the Goddess as patriarchy tried to erase every trace of Her. The Waite-Smith deck is painted with esoteric Judeo-Christian symbolism, reflecting the path that moved the feminine aspects of Wisdom along as best it could. Now, we are, predominately, in the Aquarian age, the age of humankind. The Universal Ancient Wisdom is emerging in a balanced and inclusive way, available to the many instead of the segregated few. The current proliferation of tarot/divination decks is an indication of the modern availability of esoteric wisdom to the general public.

It was the apparent superficiality of many of those decks that first drew Taussig into an intense journey through the world of tarot symbolism. Ten years later, the result is a cutting-edge deck for the new age. Using digital technology, he combines the look of old-school renderings with modern psychological imagery and brings it all to life using Jungian archetypal coloring.

Weiser Books has packaged this deck and 184-page book exquisitely to let seekers know that the set contains something very special. This is a deck which is meant to be worked with over time. While it will certainly trigger useful information when called upon for divination, the highest use of the deck will be for personal insight and inspiration. PRE-ORDER FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Archetypes

Sep 27 2019

New from Kim Krans!

Does the mountain speak to you?

Kim Krans created the original indie-tarot-mega-deck, and set the standard for personal-web-brand crossovers to traditional mainstream success. Throughout her heady journey, she has remained true to her creative core and the original The Wild Unknown model/brand. About four years after drawing the original life-changing deck, she discovered that her life, though hugely successful, lacked enchantment. Her seeker-self set out to find that missing part of herself. A friend brought her to the gate of depth psychology (and Carl Jung) and she began a new leg of her journey. After a classic, depth-psychology creative transformation, she has resurfaced in the major media world with a powerful oracle deck that takes The Wild Unknown into new territory.

Her wish for the you, the reader, is that you will trust the archetypal image that reaches out to you. She has used her classic line drawing and watercolor style to present you with 78 images to consider.

HarperOne has exquisitely packaged this powerful deck. The round cards are packaged in a separate round container and the beautiful 226-page guidebook reproduces Krans’ original artwork and explanatory insights with great attention to detail. It contains a wealth of information, all hand-written by Krans. I love this deck. PREORDER THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Crystal Spirits Oracle

Sep 20 2019

Do you dialogue with GAIA?

Universal Consciousness speaks to us in manifestation on the physical plane through many media. Often down played, if not overlooked entirely, is the world of crystals. They have become hugely popular as treasured objects and the energies they carry is recognized and called upon for many purposes. But how many people truly get to know their crystals? Colette Baron-Reid has developed a personal relationship with the spirits of these powerful stones and she has created this deck to introduce us to 58 of them.

Beautifully illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia, the subdued faces on the cards wait to be invited into the readers life. Baron-Reid tells us how to do that, as well as sharing the special gifts each unique ethereal personality offers through its stone. This deck, like the earth beneath our feet, doesn’t scream out for attention, but its power is there for those who choose to recognize it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Sep 14 2019

Do you follow the Sun?

These 84 smaller-sized (not mini) cards draw on traditional, astrological renderings to pack lots of symbolism into a well-organized and accessible divination tool. All the astrological basics are covered, concisely yet thoroughly. While there is some information provided for Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus, the deck is designed around the ancient system of the seven planets visible to the naked eye. There is a particular focus on Horary Astrology which calculates the celestial influences at the time of an inquiry rather than the time of birth.

Astrology buffs/experts will find this an inventive, free form means to call their intensive background into use without the elaborate astrological calculations that traditional chart casting requires. Oracle card deck afficionados will be able to access the complex world of astrology in a familiar format. It’s a terrific learning tool for those new to the world of horoscopes and a fun way for experts to use their skills in a new context. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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