Deck of Interest—Blessed Be

May 25 2019

How do you bring blessings into your life?

These 46 cards, created by a pillar of the pagan community, contain special blessings, from the Celtic tradition, to enrich every area of your life. During times of struggle, times of joy, times of sadness, times of new beginnings, or times of endings, these special treasures will bring the energy of the divine into the situation for empowerment, help, and healing. There is no promise of quick fixes. There is justthe comfort of knowing you are connected to something larger than yourself and that you share that connection with others who wish you well.

Jane Starr Weils’ beautiful illustrations are filled with the ancient symbolism of Celtic ways. The beings in each card are alive with energies that call out for the observer to join them. Whether using the cards for meditation or divination, they will be a source of insight and comfort. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Magical Dogs Tarot

May 17 2019

What secrets will these canines tell you?

Mickie Mueller’s engaging portraits will capture the hearts of canine lovers, but these cards contain much more than the animated representations which bring each breed to life. Mickie and her husband Daniel tell us that “inside the breast of every dog beats the heart of a wolf”. They remind us that the ancient partnership between canine and human dates back to the beginning of recorded history. As totem animals they appear in almost all of the world’s spiritual traditions.

In addition to being a powerful interpretation of the tarot symbolism, these canine card images connect us to ancient mysteries and primeval magic. The well-thought-out symbolism coupled with the expressive illustrations make this a great deck to study in addition to using it for readings. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Soulful Wisdom

May 11 2019

How do you contact your Divine Feminine?

As issues of female empowerment reach peak media attention, Helene Lerner, founder of has tackled the challenge of how to help women deal with the increasing pressures that they face without retreating and giving up opportunities for advancement. She has created this deck of fifty cards to help women gain balance, navigate change, reach acceptance, and fuel their creativity. Garth Brooks calls the deck “a soulful, motivational reminder that keeps women’s goals and dreams alive”. Jane Mjolsness’ quietly powerful drawings bring the concepts to life.

Designed to be daily meditational/mindfulness tools, those of you who do card readings will find them invaluable in spreads that deal with resolving crises and removing blocks to advancement. Just thumbing through the deck produces a serene energy and sense of relaxed control. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Crystal Grid Oracle

May 04 2019

How do you contact nature?

You’ve probably noticed the popularity of crystal grids. They’re everywhere. Maybe you have created your own, or you’re planning to create your own. Nicola McIntosh is here to help. Specializing in plant spirit medicine and crystal medicine, her passion is making the energy of the natural world accessible to as many people as possible.

These 36 cards contain beautiful and powerful mandalas, using color, composition, design, and photography to engage reader’s consciousness and connect them to the inherent natural power of the images they are seeing.

The 84-page, full-color guidebook provides lots of helpful information but, ultimately, this is a deck readers can grow with. Each use will enhance the intuitive skills necessary to tap into the hidden aspects of the natural world. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Enchanted LENORMAND Oracle

Apr 26 2019

What will LENORMAND say to you?

As a reigning pillar of divination history and education, Caitlín Matthews has made Lenormand one of her specialties. Her experience has shown her that the newer Lenormand decks, which add layers of details to the traditional images, are less effective as oracular tools than earlier decks with simpler imagery. It was Virginia Lee who suggested presenting each image in a crystal ball, emerging from a lush forest, in the center of the card. Together they resisted digital imagery and modern art materials for this magical deck, favoring instead these simple hand-painted cards. Matthews did add two new cards as additions to the traditional Man and Woman cards to make the deck inclusive.

The 160-page, full-color guidebook contains all the information that readers, new or seasoned, will need to maximize their experience with this enchanting presentation of the Petit Lenormand. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Hip Chick Tarot

Apr 19 2019

How do you claim your power?

Bold and hopeful, this deck is meant for women — and the men who love them? These are women who come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are upfront women who let you know who they are and what they are about. They are painted as icons, simply and vibrantly. The message they bring is clearly tarot (and will be recognizable to seasoned readers) but the delivery is all their own.

The accompanying 112-page book explains it all but I recommend just shuffling the deck and diving right in. Let the ladies be your guides.

I’m tempted to say that the deck is great for young readers but I’m hoping a fair share of crones like me will take it to heart as well. “Mature dogs”, new tricks, good for the soul. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Queen of the Moon Oracle

Apr 13 2019

Does the moon speak to you?

It has always spoken to Stacey Demarco and this spectacular 44-card deck is the result of a lifetime of studying (and loving) the mysterious globe in the sky. Kinga Britschgi’s elegant photographic collages capture the power of the lunar energies. The full-color, 108-page companion book tells readers everything they might want to know about lunar cycles, special moons (Blue Moon, Super Moon), reading the cards, and the traditional metaphysical associations and applications of lunar wisdom.

Highly positive in her interpretations of each card, she speaks with insight, reassurance, and common sense guidance. This is a perfect deck to use as a daily meditation tool. Of course, seasoned card readers will want to just dive right in, pull a card or two, and let their intuitive connection take them on a journey through the densely layered illustrations. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Divine Feather Messenger

Apr 06 2019

Do you Find Feathers?

Many people who regularly do believe that they are messages from the divine realms. But how can we know what they are telling us? Even the most intuitive among us sometimes need a little bit of extra insight. And insight is exactly what this deck provides.

Alison DeNicola has selected 44 birds and paired them with affirmations that reflect each bird’s spiritual history and natural correspondences. David Scheirer’s captivating watercolors capture the physical plane essence of each bird in fluid detail. The reverse side of each card shows one enlarged feather from the bird depicted.

Together, the cards and book make a very special tool for divination, inspiration, or just for getting to know 44 very special bird species. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Chakra Wisdom Tarot

Mar 30 2019

How much do you know about your chakras?

This lineup of glamorous ladies, and a few handsome escorts, takes readers through a tour of the tarot which has been specifically designed to connect with the energies of the chakra system. The illustrations on the cards are very polished and high-end. One might say it’s Tarot goes to the Oscars but that would be making light of Hartman’s decades of experience with both the tarot and the other realms.

Hartman’s motto is: Enlightenment Made Simple. It affirms her dedication to make esoteric concepts simple for others to understand. This new deck is a perfect example of her ability to do that.

The deck includes a beautiful 112-page, full-color guidebook. It includes four new tarot layouts specifically for use with the chakra system. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Raven’s Wand Oracle

Mar 16 2019

Have you been to Wildwood Coven?

With this amazing new oracle deck, Steven Hutton not only gives us a personal tour of the vibrant world of witchcraft he created for his Dark Raven Chronicles trilogy, but the 44 dynamic card illustrations he created have raised the bar for oracle fantasy art. Each card provides a magical environment that draws the reader in. The power of this deck, however, is the degree of animation and presence emanated by each living being in the cards.

And living beings abound. In addition to human and animal protagonists, the scenes are also filled with flying fish, mythical critters, fireflies, birds, ducklings, mini-dragons, raccoons, hogs, snakes, bunnies, wolves, and cats—-lots and lots of cats. Each of the beings seem to be inhabited by a strong, emotive personality that helps to convey the message of the protagonist.

Hutton’s intent is to convey the wisdom of witchcraft. He does that with energy that swirls within each card and hints of dark shadows without surrendering the high road. As an oracle it provides endless stimulation for intuitives. As a teacher of the craft, its lessons will be endless. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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