TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are therefore subject to misinterpretation. This forecast is not meant to replace your own judgement or the advice of professionals, i.e. lawyers, doctors, or financial advisors.

Move to the next level of release. Suspend judgement. Relinquish control. You have proved that you can ride the wave to safety and success. Don’t tense up and give back all that you have gained. Trust the universe and your instincts. Pay attention and do the work that is required, but don’t overthink and don’t push the river. This month will show you what you have gained by staying in the game during the tough times. Prepare for hibernation by cleaning house and releasing all negative energy as you remove the grime. Don’t leave supportive friends behind as you move forward but don’t alter your behavior because some of them are stuck in the past. Navigate the middle road and bring those you care about along with you as far as you can.

A time of waiting arrives with the onset of winter. Dig deep to find your patience. There are gifts in the time of anticipation. There are gifts in the time of sleeping. Don’t carry physical plane ambition into the astral realm. The emotions of the astral plane are meant to lead us to healing. They are different from the emotions that fuel desire and support accomplishment in the physical realm. Watch the horizon in order to cultivate alertness and attention to detail. Don’t let impatience creep in and stifle the energy that is building quietly beneath the surface. Align with the vibrations of emergence and put physical manifestation on hold. Something has power based on the degree of energy that has been invested into it. The energy of waiting and watching is often the most powerful nurturing energy that exists on the physical plane. Cultivate your ability to channel it.

Most of us will begin to feel connected to the workers at the mental level in a tangible way. What has been interesting theory up until now, suddenly becomes reality. Chasing money is an exercise in futility. Releasing the mindsets that don’t allow us to prosper is as real as it gets. More and more people are beginning to understand these things. Liberation comes from within not from without. It is not something that comes from conquering others. It comes from conquering our inner fears. Anxiety may surface as we all become more aware of the ideas that keep us chained to our past. Ride through it as you focus on a vision of the future that you are only now beginning to believe is possible. Don’t settle for what you were trained to expect. Ask your heart what it truly wants and expect to receive it. The higher realms support your dreams, even the ones that seem ridiculous to those who are still wearing physical plane blinders.

This month begins with Day of the Dead celebrations. The veil is thin as November arrives. Traditionally, the ancestors touch in with loved ones during this time. Ultimately, I believe that spirits are meant to go to a place beyond physical plane connections when they die. They do, however, sometimes have responsibilities from their recent lifetime that need to be concluded. Do seek communication from those you are attached to in the physical world. Allow spirits to touch in when they deem it beneficial. If you feel you recognize an entity (and remember that from the Astral Plane any slightly-developed entity can pretend to be someone you knew in physical manifestation), ask for protection from the higher level workers and then see what they are trying to tell you. Sometimes it’s valuable insight, sometimes it’s nonsense intended to garner attention. Enter the astral world at your peril. Find a safe tour guide and let them show you the ropes.

Forecasts © 2019 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks