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MATERIAL REALM • 31.DANCE with GANESH • Remover of Obstacles
Limitations will be lifted if you are willing to let them go. Obstacles continue to exist only if you believe they do. Sometimes the universe sends challenges to slow us down when we are moving too quickly and at risk of missing existing opportunities. Most challenges that you will encounter now are residual baggage that needs to be released. It’s scary to move forward into an unknown future. At the extreme that becomes what’s called The Dweller on the Threshold. All of the demonized challengers exist within us. Until we face them, claim them, and move them into the light, they will continue to manifest in our environment so that we are reminded that they are there. Take them by the hand and move forward with them, knowing that you are perfect just as you are. They only thing you are missing, are waiting for, is courage. Take a deep breath and face the truth.

EMOTIONAL REALM • 2.GREEN TARA • The Bodhisattva of Compassion in Action
Most of us are very engaged with the astral level workers right now, even if we are not conscious of it. Negative emotions are still being released on the physical plane faster than they can be processed by the workers on the other side. They need our help. We have all been called into action in whatever way we are trained and ready to participate. Immersing ourselves into the level of negativity that exists right now is exhausting and dangerous work. Make sure you are protecting yourself and making lots of recovery time on the physical plane.Don’t try and be a hero. Self-sacrifice is an aspect of enabling not of healing. Whenever you offer healing, that healing should be returned to you in kind. If it’s not, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. It might be heady stuff in the short term, but the imbalance will cost you big time down the road. Be part of the team and not an independent contractor. The higher astral plane sees only what works long term. There are not superheros at the level that is transitioning into the plane of the higher self.

MENTAL REALM • 27.DORJE DROLO • The Crazy-Wisdom Wrathful Buddha
If you have done the foundation work, it is time to risk the leap of faith off the cliff with The Fool, or in this case, Dorje Drolo. If you are truly ready, it will not be fear that you face to make your next move. It will be logic. Are you ready to release the illusion that there are fixed rules in the universe and teachings that can secure your progress through the unknown realms. Jesus demonstrated letting “God’s Will” prevail even if it meant an apparent loss on the physical plane. Moses brought us the guidebook that got us to that lesson. Who is our superhero du jour from that point forward? I believe that it is all of us together. No next savior, just a growing awareness that leads to a mass consensus. Will you be a cog in the wheel for the greater good? Or do you choose to go for the credit? It’s a difficult lesson and the stage has been set for us to choose the least of the answers.

SPIRITUAL REALM • 29.AN IMP • One of the Eight Classes of Demons
The energy of the highest planes is presenting as negative entities for the moment. “Dance with God as the Devil until you can embrace God as God.” Some of you will take comfort in the demons that curl up beside you as physical plane crises reach peak levels. If you can recognize that they have no power except the power that you assign to them, you will find that helping them to move into the light creates more peace in the world than “slaying” them. Many who reek havoc on the physical level, recognize their misguided perception and resulting actions once they cross over. Many of them will try and make amends by offering help during future misguided emotional incidents. Rise to the level where you can recognize fellow travelers whatever their past transgression.

MATERIAL REALM • 11. DARK NIGHT of the SOUL • Life brings new meaning
Repressed emotions that have risen to the surface can become major obstacles if you are not willing to face them and process them as necessary. The work on the physical plane this month has to do with releasing the emotional impact of repressed memories on the body. Don’t ignore the signs your body sends you. It is letting you know where and how you need healing. Ignore this information at your own peril. The world will become a safe place only after we all process the negative aspects that we carry forward in our subconscious. This is difficult work. It will require great courage. It is, however, work that can no longer be ignored. What you don’t own will surface and stop you in your tracks. What seems life a death is really a rebirth. Take the leap of faith and surrender to your demons. What you gain will take you to the next level of enlightenment.

EMOTIONAL REALM • 2. ASCENDED MASTERS • Create open communication
The work we are doing as part of an astral level team has been solidified and is now moving to a higher level of awareness. Most of you will feel the lift. The stress on us at the physical level should be reduced this month as the work moves closer to the mental level. Ask you spirit guides for comfort. They know they have pushed us to our limits. They will be offering healing to help restore our nervous systems. If you watch the news, you will understand why we have been called into service to such an extreme degree. The physical world is facing a major turning point. We will either make the change to move things up to the next level or we will all be forced to go another round at the level we are now at. It’s worth the effort to try and make the elevation possible. It’s a tough assignment but the astral level workers are saying that those of us in the physical realm have risen to the challenge and made a gargantuan effort to raise the physical plane vibrations. There is still much to be done. Know that the astral workers are not disregarding our needs. They are just pushing us to our limits.

MENTAL REALM • 28. MINDFUL WISDOM • Create inner harmony
If you are able to contact the mental plane awareness at will, this will be a rewarding month for you. The workers at this level are beginning to reveal the blueprints of their new plans for planet earth. If you are reading this, you have probably already voted to support their plans. A sense of calm will permeate your world if this is true. Whatever chaos is occurring on the physical plane, you will always feel the undertow of serenity and be able to sense that everything is unfolding as it is meant to. Even if we cannot interpret the details of the new order, we can now access the underlying structure that the new order will be built on. Things are still in flux. Don’t get too bogged down in details. They will probably change over the next few years, but the direction in which we are headed is now fixed. Put your hand in the team that is overseeing this work and know that they will steer you in the correct direction.

SPIRITUAL REALM • 19. GUARDIAN • Guard your energy
The connection to the spiritual planes is foggy right now because of all the misinformation that is streaming through to the physical realm. Those who fear loss will sabatoge first and strategize later. These knee jerk reactions are disruptive but they have no real power unless you connect to the fear which they are selling. Let go of the thought that you have something to lose and your world will change. It is an honor to be able to connect with the energy of the highest level workers. View these encounters with deference and respect. The guidance which they offer is invaluable and something that can’t be sought out. It must be offered when the mental level workers think we are ready. It is initiation at the highest level and it can’t be bought in a weekend workshop. It is something which we draw to us through the work of a life time.

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