TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are therefore subject to misinterpretation. This forecast is not meant to replace your own judgement or the advice of professionals, i.e. lawyers, doctors, or financial advisors.

A new day dawns and a golden light begins to flood the physical plane. Not everyone will see it, but it is there. It is bringing a new level of perception to the earth plane. Wisdom and insight will soon appear to be springing up everywhere. You will begin understanding layers beneath your immediate perceptions and conclusions. Truths will come into focus. They have been hanging in the atmosphere for months, even years. Now they will become self-evident. There will be no more doubt as to their validity. Relationships will be strengthened or dissolved because of this new awareness. Tread lightly where conflicts arise. Patience and honest discussion may resolve many of these conflicts. Other ones will explode and leave a path of destruction in their wake. Look for signals as to confrontations you should avoid if possible but don’t agree to continue any partnerships based on deception. The days of succeeding with lies are over.

Rest comfortably with whatever power has come to you because of recent challenges you have faced. If it is power that you have earned through your own resources (or from connections with higher sources that you have cultivated with integrity), it is power that cannot be abused. Power that is earned comes with an implicit contract that doesn’t allow us to use it in ways that will be harmful to ourselves or others. Exerting force as a reaction to others aggression is a diversion on the path. Facing challenges by turning inward to find the unhealed aspects that make us vulnerable to low level energy attacks will create, not only your own protection, but also the release of the negative connection and thus healing for the aggressor. Turn your attention to what can be gained with positive alignments and let thoughts of revenge dissipate. We all suffer hurts, shame, and disappointment. They come attached to unhealed places within ourselves. If we ask why this person or behavior has caused such a reaction in us, we will be led to long-buried resentments (many of them from past lives) that need to be released. Anger grows out of fear. When we act on anger we are committing anew to the fear. Let anger take you into the fear so you can face it, release it, and move on. A world of joy awaits you, if only you will claim it.

MENTAL REALM • Ace of Wheels
It might seem strange to discuss material possessions while talking about the mental level of awareness. That conversation is, however, exactly the lesson that the mental level workers are sending to us now. We are all being called to take inventory. What do we possess and take pride/comfort in works toward our spiritual growth as opposed to what cuts us off from our path of unfoldment and turns us back into the world of shadow. If a material possession brings you true joy, because of your appreciation of it and not as something you can show off to your enemies, then it is a tool towards your spiritual growth. Think carefully about what you choose to bring into manifestation in your life. It might be tangible possessions, it might be intangible attributes that you are collecting. If you seek them with a true heart because you sense that they will enhance your life in a positive way, then acquire at your will. If you seek things to prove a point to others or to enhance your physical plane power, then take a step back and consider what you’re choosing. We are all being called to work in alignment with the highest level workers we can access. Give up petty pursuits and lift your eyes to the bright horizon that is beginning to appear before us. The choices that we make now will alter our lives and the many generations that follow us.

A new portal is opening to the highest spiritual levels. Access that was once reserved for a select few who went through arduous training is now being made available to more people. The physical plane academics are becoming less necessary as life itself provides lessons that require complex decisions, thought through with multi-levels of awareness. Sacred geometry, if you have experienced that at the level beyond words, is now providing us entry into the realms of the Ascended Masters. The wisdom is there, at our finger tips, not to be possessed but to be utilized as needed in service to the greater good. Have you made a choice that puts the needs of the planet ahead of your own desires? That is the key to the door that awaits your entry. When we sacrifice to the greater good, in service, not as a martyr, the rewards exceed the loss. Many of you already know this to be true. Believe in the wisdom you have gained. It is as real as anything you have ever experienced on the physical plane.

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