TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are thereforesubject to misinterpretation. This forecast is not meant to replace your own judgement or the advice of professionals, i.e. lawyers, doctors, or financial advisors


MATERIAL REALM • 36.Mnemosyne.The Past
Another quick trip through the past (including past lives) will be required this month. Issues that you thought you had resolved will surface with another layer of negative emotion that needs to be released. Don’t shy away from the work, even if it’s upsetting. You have come too far to throw it all away now because you are anxious about facing your interior world.
…Guard your aura from uninvited, discarnate beings. There are many people leaving the physical world under traumatic circumstances now. A large percentage of them are looking for physical bodies to cling to rather than cross over into an unknown realm. Don’t be a willing victim of their misguided actions. Own your own emotional issues and bring them to the light to be healed and released. Distance yourself from those who wish to deal in an emotional world of negative thoughts.

EMOTIONAL REALM • 26.Kuan Yin.Compassion
You can recognize helpful beings from the astral plane by the sense of nurturing and compassion that they hold. Progression along a spiritual path is fueled by selflessness and a sense of service. If you connect with beings that bring you in touch with that, they are working in your best interest. If your contact with the other realms stirs up anger and resentment, disconnect. If your contact with discarnate beings makes you feel safe, but is followed by memories of unprocessed emotions within yourself, then they are showing you what needs to be healed. Remember that the Invisible Helpers will never leave you stuck in a negative emotion. Circling around in negativity is the work of those who feed off the base emotions of the physical plane.
…This will be a good month to create an altar filled with positive images and symbols of the greater good.

MENTAL REALM • 6.Benzai-Ten.Beauty
It will be mid-month before the mental plane overlays solidify enough to be recognized at the physical level. Spend as much time as possible in connection with the mental level workers. You won’t get the answers you seek but it will take you above negative influences at the lower levels. If you suspend judgement and expectation, you will find a sense of calm even though you don’t understand what’s happening.
…Group meditations with those who work at this level will be very powerful this month. Even if done long distance, the joint connection will produce transformative results. Let the high level workers determine the agenda. Lend your energy without seeking tangible rewards for yourself. There is much to be gained by showing allegiance to the highest ranks of workers. Leave physical plane concerns behind and work for the greater good. You won’t regret it.

SPIRITUAL REALM • 10.Danu.Assurance
The winds of change at the spiritual level begin to blow towards the earth plane. The energy patterns are very abstract so don’t expect bursts of insight. But the gentle breeze of a new world to come will be very reassuring to those who can tune into it for substantial lengths of time.
…Join with others to invite this new vibration into your circle. Despite all the violence and chaos at the physical level, a new day is truly dawning. The spiritual level workers are beginning to share that expectation with incarnated spirits here on earth. Release your striving and the search for answers. Tune in and see what’s being offered. The time for manifestation is not now but the higher level workers are giving us a glimpse of what’s to come.

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