TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are therefore subject to misinterpretation. This forecast is not meant to replace your own judgement or the advice of professionals, i.e. lawyers, doctors, or financial advisors.

MATERIAL REALM • 10.Wheel of Fortune
The winds of fate begin to spin again. Do you have the confidence to ride the waves to the next level? The old patterns are gone. The world is not going back to where it was. A major transformation is in the works. Go for the ride or be left behind. It might sound harsh, but natural cycles require sacrifice in order to provide bounty on the next level. Don’t cling to what brought you success in the past. It’s a new game with a new skill set. This is time when those who have nothing to lose have the advantage over those who have proved their worth in the past. It might not seem fair but it is the way that evolution moves forward. Adapt the skills you have honed in the past to the new tasks before you. It will be easier than you believe, if you can suspend judgement about the outcome. Past trials have given you strength. Let go of the rest of it. Trust that you will face the next challenge successfully and don’t pull your punches.

EMOTIONAL REALM • Ace of Pentacles
Opulence on the material level is now influenced by the workers at the Astral Level. Our emotional investment in “trinkets” on the physical plane opens the door to energetic investment in the higher planes. Allow the Invisible Helpers to lead you to the door that opens to your future. What you honestly love on the physical will show you where your energy is invested. Follow that trail of breadcrumbs to the next step on your spiritual path. Money/material possessions are not the antithesis of spirituality. They can be the link to emotional triggers that can be used by others to lead you down the wrong path. If you really want something, consider WHY you really want it. Does it infuse your aura and charge you energy system for further progress or does it serve as a shield that protects you from further examination on the physical plane by your adversaries. What we find comfort in shores us up on the physical plane so that we can explore the spiritual realms. What gives a momentary sense of “comeback” against physical plane accusations is a waste of our time and energy. Don’t move backward on the path in the face of challenges. Stand your ground and stay focused on the higher road. Put progress over defense. Be prepared to lose everything to take the next step forward.

MENTAL REALM • Ace of Wands
People who have been dragged along by the recent energy initiations are suddenly becoming aware of the personal power that is available to all of us on the physical plane. What appeared to be accidental is now understood to be part of a larger plan for spiritual expansion. If you are consciously connected to the workers at the Mental Level, spend time in discussing this transition with them. If it is still a level of awareness beyond your grasp, suspend judgement and let things unfold as they will. What you have invested energy in is now returning dividends to you. If you focused on materials attractions, you will find yourself in a very beautiful world of illusion. If you sought out the higher purpose in what has recently happened in your life, you will begin to see the sun rise on a new level of existence. That might sound like judgement but the reality is that we all move along as quickly as we can on our individual spiritual paths. There are not mistakes, only learning experiences. This is more than a cliche on Instagram. It is the reality of the path to enlightenment. We can’t progress beyond the level we are ready to experience.

Emotions fuel the transfer of energy from the highest realms to the physical plane. Most often emotions are segregated at these levels because they are volatile and unreliable. But more and more, people on the earth plane have learned to channel their emotional responses into the meridians that move that energy upward toward transformation and progression. If you are experiencing anger, transmute it into compassion and send it upward. If you are experiencing severe disappointment, transmute it into renewed faith and send it upward. If you are experiencing anxiety and self-doubt, transmute it into courage and send it up to the next level. At the highest levels there is not personal achievement. There is only the courage to keep moving through the fog relying on your instincts and unseen guidance. Let your heart overflow with universal love so you can finally understand the power of that.

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