TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are therefore subject to misinterpretation. This forecast is not meant to replace your own judgement or the advice of professionals, i.e. lawyers, doctors, or financial advisors.

Following last month’s Shadow Work, the mass consciousness turns back to making changes on the physical plane. This will manifest along a spectrum from increased desire to brute force will. Be aware of where you land on this sliding scale. Choose your level of advancement and claim your power there. None of us can manifest beyond the level of materialism we have made our peace with. Consciously factor other people’s needs into your agenda but don’t pull your punches unless you are sure that you’ve resolved your issues with regard to the issue. There’s a difference between supporting other people and allowing them to transfer responsibility for solving their challenges onto others. Because you are ready to move forward and other people aren’t doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re selfish. Put your own needs first unless the circumstances are extraordinary.

EMOTIONAL REALM • 22.IRIS.Communication
The Goddess Iris is sometimes represented by the rainbow. A rainbow is said to be a sign from God that He will never again devastate the earth realm to make a point. That leaves the devastation of the earth plane in the hands of humans and creating social networks that protect the best interests of the species is our protection against sabotaging ourselves. This month’s work at the astral level is all about listening. Stop and actually hear what those around you are saying. Spend time trying to understand their point of view even if you’re sure you don’t agree with it. The Invisible Helpers at the astral level are constantly showing patience and compassion for our limited perspective on the earth plane. The work this month is to offer that to each other. Suspend judgment and tread gently on other people’s dreams. There are always many paths to a goal. Acknowledge that others may take a different route and still end up in the same place as you. The more you include people, the more chaos you invite, but if you stay the course, it will ensure a greater success in the long run. Don’t fear challengers. Know that they are there to shore up your position.

Healing is the keyword at the mental level this month. Much progress has been made in establishing a new sensibility at the physical level based on strategies developed at the mental level. Those of you who consciously connect with these workers will already understand the bigger picture. Now it is time to heal the wounds of those who have been collateral damage in this transition. If you understand this mandate, begin to practice sending healing to those who appear to have hurt you. There are many techniques for doing this in every credible spiritual philosophy. Choose the technique that generates the most compassion and emotional charge for you, and practice it consistently until you perfect it. The practice of the spiritual technique will not only send much needed energy into the physical world, it will position you to move up to the next level of your unfoldment. Trust the universe and the inner voice even it doesn’t seem logical on the physical plane.

The highest level workers have accomplished much in the last few months. They are now turning their attentions to helping us manifest the fruits of their labors at the physical level. Only those who are able to communicate at the highest levels of the mental plane will be able to help bring these special gifts through all the way to the physical realm. If you are unable to experience this download of energy for yourself, please focus your will toward helping those at the astral and mental levels who are enabling this major transition to a higher universal vibration at the physical level. Regardless of your awareness level, you will benefit greatly from participating in this transfer of energy and subsequent manifestation in the physical realm. Look to the advice of ancient spiritual teachers to help you understand what’s going on now.

MATERIAL REALM • 11. DARK NIGHT of the SOUL • Life brings new meaning
Repressed emotions that have risen to the surface can become major obstacles if you are not willing to face them and process them as necessary. The work on the physical plane this month has to do with releasing the emotional impact of repressed memories on the body. Don’t ignore the signs your body sends you. It is letting you know where and how you need healing. Ignore this information at your own peril. The world will become a safe place only after we all process the negative aspects that we carry forward in our subconscious. This is difficult work. It will require great courage. It is, however, work that can no longer be ignored. What you don’t own will surface and stop you in your tracks. What seems life a death is really a rebirth. Take the leap of faith and surrender to your demons. What you gain will take you to the next level of enlightenment.

EMOTIONAL REALM • 2. ASCENDED MASTERS • Create open communication
The work we are doing as part of an astral level team has been solidified and is now moving to a higher level of awareness. Most of you will feel the lift. The stress on us at the physical level should be reduced this month as the work moves closer to the mental level. Ask you spirit guides for comfort. They know they have pushed us to our limits. They will be offering healing to help restore our nervous systems. If you watch the news, you will understand why we have been called into service to such an extreme degree. The physical world is facing a major turning point. We will either make the change to move things up to the next level or we will all be forced to go another round at the level we are now at. It’s worth the effort to try and make the elevation possible. It’s a tough assignment but the astral level workers are saying that those of us in the physical realm have risen to the challenge and made a gargantuan effort to raise the physical plane vibrations. There is still much to be done. Know that the astral workers are not disregarding our needs. They are just pushing us to our limits.

MENTAL REALM • 28. MINDFUL WISDOM • Create inner harmony
If you are able to contact the mental plane awareness at will, this will be a rewarding month for you. The workers at this level are beginning to reveal the blueprints of their new plans for planet earth. If you are reading this, you have probably already voted to support their plans. A sense of calm will permeate your world if this is true. Whatever chaos is occurring on the physical plane, you will always feel the undertow of serenity and be able to sense that everything is unfolding as it is meant to. Even if we cannot interpret the details of the new order, we can now access the underlying structure that the new order will be built on. Things are still in flux. Don’t get too bogged down in details. They will probably change over the next few years, but the direction in which we are headed is now fixed. Put your hand in the team that is overseeing this work and know that they will steer you in the correct direction.

SPIRITUAL REALM • 19. GUARDIAN • Guard your energy
The connection to the spiritual planes is foggy right now because of all the misinformation that is streaming through to the physical realm. Those who fear loss will sabatoge first and strategize later. These knee jerk reactions are disruptive but they have no real power unless you connect to the fear which they are selling. Let go of the thought that you have something to lose and your world will change. It is an honor to be able to connect with the energy of the highest level workers. View these encounters with deference and respect. The guidance which they offer is invaluable and something that can’t be sought out. It must be offered when the mental level workers think we are ready. It is initiation at the highest level and it can’t be bought in a weekend workshop. It is something which we draw to us through the work of a life time.

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