TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are thereforesubject to misinterpretation. This forecast is not meant to replace your own judgement or the advice of professionals, i.e. lawyers, doctors, or financial advisors.


Balance will be especially important on the physical plane this month. Powerful emotions have been released over the last few months. Tension has been created. It is important to make sure that you process all which has surfaced and bring the energy involved into sync with other unharnessed energies, as well as with the energy patterns in your environment. Allowing yourself to be pulled off course will cause setbacks that may cost you in big ways.

Put material desires on the back burner and focus on intellectual projects. Forming solid ideas and putting them on paper will solidify your plans and bring you closer to the next level of your work. Money will be available. Don’t chase after it. Allow it to come to you. Worrying will limit your achievement. Tap into the energy of believing in yourself and your dreams.

Include social events in your schedule no matter how busy you become. Friends will be good measures of your state of mind. Listen if they tell you something is wrong.


Healing will be flowing freely and abundantly from the astral plane as the earth plane recovers from recent chaos. The workers at this level will have a joyous air about them and they will be conveying that to the physical world as often as they can. Tune in to them when you need cheering up or motivated to get back in the game. Much can be accomplished this month. Tap into the astral energy as needed to keep your mental state at its peak.

Astral imagery will be occurring more than it has recently. It will serve to energize and stimulate our brains. Enjoy the visuals while your brain cells are being charged. Remember that this imagery is mostly symbolic. Don’t be tempted to take it literally.

This will be a good month to begin, or solidify, romantic relationships. The excess energy that is circulating in the physical realm, coupled with astral vibrations will make partnerships very rewarding and comfortable. Unhealthy relationships, however, will struggle to continue.


The mental level workers are busy adjusting blueprints as activity on the physical plane continues to cause change. As people move around in response to disruptions and opportunities created by that disruption, new master plans need to be created around the clock. If you make a decision but can’t seem to find the energy path that moves you in that new direction, wait. It may take a few days for the higher planes to catch up with you. Answers will be forthcoming as they become available. It is also possible that more changes will occur. The higher level workers are leaving plenty of room for adjustment.

Meditation at this level may not provide as much insight as you’re used to. There is less time for translation into verbal communication than usual. If you listen with a blank slate, you might get a sense of events on the horizon without seeing specific details. All will be revealed in a few months. Until then follow your intuition and stay ready to change again quickly when prompted.


The spiritual level workers are moving up to another higher vibration. Some of you will be able to access the new frequency for short periods. The work being done here won’t begin to manifest on the physical plane for years, but some of you will be able to gain ongoing access with practice.

The vibrations that are currently being sent to the physical world are becoming increasingly stable as more and more people learn how to process them. There is a sense of transcendence pervading the subtler vibrational levels. You can learn to tap into it at will. It will provide a sense of comfort as the material world continues to morph without warning.

Relationships can be particularly blessed when you connect with this level together. The energy of this higher realm can infuse groups with a sense of safety and well being. Take advantage of it.

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