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3-card Tarotcast™ for the week starting March 17

Sara Burrier
U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Close relationships move to a new level this week. The joy that you share with people will become very important to you now. Pay close attention to how people receive your attentions. Is it reciprocal? Or is it one-sided? Let go of those people who keep you at arms length. If you have to try and figure out out their actions, it might be time to move on.

I will…PRAY
Find time to withdraw and recharge. Short “cat naps” during the day will be almost more beneficial than a full night’s sleep. Rework your calendar to allow for private time without agendas. Major healing takes place during these brief intervals. Don’t isolate but do make time just for you.

What you do impacts everything else in the world. Recognize that this week. The candle that you light, maybe as an after thought, might just be the guidance another person needs to find their way out of the maze. Don’t sell your power short. Offer your gifts to the world so that others may benefit from them. The lives you change will change a hundred lives afterward.

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