TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are therefore subject to interpretation. Please do not use them in place of your own judgement or the advice of professionals (such as doctors, lawyers, or financial advisors).
3-card Tarocast™ for the week starting November 18

Eliana Harvey
Rock pool Publishing

Weave your own web, according to your own patterns. Don’t trust in other people’s designs. The universe is rewarding individual creative endeavor right now. Trust your instincts and believe in your ability to create the life that’s best for you. Tune out critics and find your own way.

Pull in and take some time for yourself. You’ve earned it. Rest as long as you need to. Chopping wood is much easier when you stop to sharpen the axe regularly. Make self-care a regular part of your day. Think of it as an investment in your life and career. Multi-tasking is a thing of the past.

Let go of the past and everything you’ve outgrown. Clean out your closets and the back of your drawers. Make room for the new you to bloom and thrive. Embrace the cycle of growth. Know that you are better with each round you complete. Don’t hold on to what no longer serves you.

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  • The Guides say: Focus on achievement this week. The stars are aligned to support you passions.

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