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3-card Tarotcast™ for the week starting May 26

Toni Carmine Salerno
Leela J. Williams
Helena Nelson-Reed, artwork
Blue Angel Publishing.

Joining forces is the theme for this week. Going it alone is noble and enlightening but it is inefficient in the long run. Seek out those who share your dreams and find the places where you can support each other. The days of the Super-Heroes are over. We either join forces to achieve our goals or we don’t. No one is going to swoop in to save us.

What you see doesn’t have to be what you believe, but it is what you see and needs to be dealt with accordingly. When you feel an emotion surfacing with intensity, stop and trace it back to its trigger. It only has power in the now because of the perception of power it had when you were a child. Find the source and disconnect. This is the process and it works.

Death and birth. At their core they are the same. They both represent the journey from one side to the other. If you can take the fear out of that, it becomes a journey of great joy and exhilaration. This is a time to recognize that those who have gone before are as powerful in the physical world as they choose to be. All they need is a connection to the physical plane and right now those are theirs for the asking.

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