TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are therefore subject to interpretation. Please do not use them in place of your own judgement or the advice of professionals (such as doctors, lawyers, or financial advisors). 3-card Tarotcast™ for the week starting January 19.

Nicole Piar

Now is not the time to pull your punches. Open your heart and risk being hurt in order to work up to your full potential. However small you believe your voice to be, it will be heard by those who need your words to move forward and conquer new ground. Whatever you have to offer, someone needs it. Don’t hide your light under a basket. Be there for those who need you.

See refuge in the comforting sensations that are offered to you from all sides. Breathing fresh air. Petting soft fur. Smelling the roses or the daffodils. Self-soothe in whatever way is available to you and let it affirm your faith in the overall order of the universe. Sensory stimuli is the physical plane assurance of your rightful place in the universe.

Tread lightly as you make your way along the narrow path of enlightenment. What pushes you right will also offer ballast to move back to the right. Add more light, and the darkness will fill your world to counterbalance that. When we move out of alignment, the universe always offers us a pathway back to center. Learn to do the dance.

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