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3-card Tarocast™ for the week starting April 22

Doreen Virtue
Radleigh Valentine, illustrator
Hay House

The cycles of the universe have seen us through past times of destruction. They will see us through the challenges that are being presented to us now. Trust the ancient ways. Look for the modern versions of those ways which still contain the original energy. Let the voices of the past steer you through the rapids of today. You are safe in the arms of fate.

Ideas abound. Does that scare you? Ideas are easy. Implementation requires work. Look for the idea that triggers enough passion within you to get you through the challenges that launching a new path will stir up. Learn to see resistance as a measure of the worth of your goal. Weigh that against the feather that gives your heart wings and decide if this is the one you want to risk everything for.

There comes a time when a cherished idea must be placed into the hands of another in order for it to manifest. The choice of whom to trust is everything at that point. You will need to choose based on your personal experience in that moment. There is no right or wrong. There is only the lesson. If the lesson is to begin again, value that as much as you would crossing the finish line to the cheers of thousands.

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