TAROT READINGS provide intuitive information and are therefore subject to interpretation. Please do not use them in place of your own judgement or the advice of professionals (such as doctors, lawyers, or financial advisors). 3-card Tarotcast™ for the week starting November 24

THE MARY-EL TAROT (2nd edition)
Marie White


Balance is the assignment for this week. Weighing and measuring everything in context is top of the list now. Notice when you tend to allow yourself to be pulled to extremes. Stop and evaluate the value of the actions you are about to take and dial it back if necessary. The ability to recognize where you are seated emotional will be a key skill going forward. It’s difficult to chart a course if you don’t know your starting point.


2 of WANDS
Natural growth is a wondrous thing. Allow healing that comes to you from the natural cycles of life to fill your world. Stresses will continue to increase. It will be those who have learned to focus, center, and remain in control who will be able to access the opportunities that are coming into the physical realm from this point forward.


Wisdom protects those who nurture. Opening to connect with another living being invites the descent of grace, the holy breath. Look to those around you who seek your help in truthful, generous ways rather than looking to get without giving. Healing should always work two ways. If you don’t get healing when you offer healing to others, something’s wrong.

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