Deck of Interest—Bonefire Tarot

Feb 22 2020

How do you wear your creativity?

It had to happen eventually. The merging of traditional tarot symbolism with classic tattoo art was inevitable. Luckily, Angus-West did a stellar job of bringing these powerful images to synchronized life without sacrificing their ancient wisdom or the energy of their modern renderings. She was a tarot novice when she began these illustrations. As she rendered her own interpretations of the well known archtypes, she was transformed by the power of the tarot symbolism. She tells readers that tarot “leads to a deeper understanding of humanity and more importantly to the kind of selfless awareness that has helped me to see the broader picture of myself”. Doesn’t sound like the kind of thinking you have come to associate with tattoos? This deck might just change your mind about that.

There is a vibrancy that runs through these illustrations that captures an intangible spirit. Angus-West’s added written illumination, in the 92-page, full-color companion book, is highly notable in it’s own right. “The magic enables the pictures to emerge, the will means to make it happen, and the five senses will do the hard yards and ensure it manifests.” SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest— The HooDoo Tarot

Feb 15 2020

How far back does your esoteric heritage go?

It has been two decades since McQuillar, a cultural anthropologist, wrote Rootwork: The Folk Magic of Black America. Since then awareness of Hoodoo and similar traditions has exploded. McQuillar’s knowledge of Hoodoo has grown as well. She now shies away from labeling Hoodoo as folk magic, saying instead: “Hoodoo is a culture, an inheritance, with a distinct lineage in North America.” She differentiates Hoodoo from Voodoo (the terms are often used interchangeably). Unlike Hoodoo, practitioners of Voodoo come from countries which are predominantly Catholic, and the Voodoo religion reflects that. McQuillar reminds us that Hoodoo grew out of the merging of Africans, Indigenous Americans, and Protestant Europeans during the colonial era.

In keeping with the roots of Hoodoo, this powerfully-illustrated tarot deck is organized along the lines of an extended family. Elders comprise the Major Arcana, the family inhabits the court cards, and the rest of the Minor Arcana reflects the community and mundane life.

Many readers will buy this deck for Foisy’s truth-is-strength illustrations. With use, I think they will discover layers of insight into their personal lineage, regardless of their ethnicity. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Enchanted Love Tarot

Feb 08 2020

Is your love guided?

Amy Zerner’s unique tapestry-collage artwork brings the deepest lessons of relationships to life while Monte Farber adeptly explains it all to readers. Relationships are mirrors, often showing us the aspects of ourselves which we are attempting to keep hidden. If both partners are working on accepting their own truths, then the relationship grows as both partners grow. True spiritual relationships, spiritual marriages, are rare. They require great effort in tandem with a partner and the current divorce rate signals how difficult that is to achieve.

There are guidelines for achieving spiritual growth through partnerships, however, and that is what Zerner and Farber wish to communicate to readers through this lovingly created tarot deck.

The tarot deck is a perfect tool for analyzing the challenges of a specific relationship and pointing one or both parties in the direction of rising above them. This Zerner-Farber deck redesigns the traditional 78-card Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck to meet those needs head on. Farber spells out the symbolism which he and Zerner relied on specifically and with great empathy. It’s a perfect gift for Valentine’s day. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Hush Tarot

Feb 01 2020

What will you find in nature?

Jeremy Hush has turned the natural world into an exotic place. The creatures are familiar but their demeanor is exotically unfamiliar. Many of them make eye contact with the reader, seeming to speak from the cards without words. The human figures, when included, play supporting roles, and man-made objects are sometimes set decoration, sometimes talismans. This is a decidedly different journey through the tarot deck — and that was Hush’s intention. He is asking readers to change their perspective in order to gain insight and new understanding.

The illustrations are created (believe it or not) with a ball point pen. The coloring is added using whatever Hush can find on hand. Subtle textures and shading are added using his fingers.

This deck becomes more powerful as you use it. There is always something new to find in the cards. It’s a perfect deck for either meditating or divining. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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21st Century LENORMAND

Jan 24 2020

Written and illustrated by popular Russian psychologist Alexander Ray, this 38-card deck relies on the basics of classic Lenormand tradition while updating the traditional imagery. Ray tells us that what differentiates Lenormand from other divination systems is the simplicity of the imagery. He explains it all in the included 92-page instruction booklet. The time is right for renewed interest in Lenormand and this is a perfect deck to meet that rising wave. SHOP FOR THE DECK

THE ENCHANTED LENORMAND ORACLE • Caitlín Matthews • Virginia Lee, illustrator • Watkins Publishing
Divination guru Caitlín Matthews has made Lenormand one of her specialties. Her experience has shown her that some of the newer Lenormand decks, which add layers of details to the traditional images, are less effective as oracular tools than earlier decks with simpler imagery. It was Virginia Lee who suggested presenting each image in a crystal ball, emerging from a lush forest. Together they resisted digital imagery to create this magical, hand-painted, 39-card deck and 160-page, full color guidebook. SHOP FOR THE DECK

BLUE BIRD LENORMAND • Stuart R. Kaplan • US Games
Originally published by U.S. Games in 1970, this 36-card deck was written and produced by Stuart Kaplan with the able assistance of Lynn Araujo, Jennifer Kaplan, and Jody Boginski-Barbessi. The 40-page booklet contains one of the earliest and most complete biographies of Mlle. Lenormand and her celebrated fortune-telling gifts. The deck is clearly the basis for many Lenormand decks that have been produced since. Amazingly, it holds up very well artistically and technically as this latest resurgence of Lenormand begins. SHOP FOR THE DECK

THE LUNAR NOMAD ORACLE • Shaheen Miro • Weiser Books
Miro set out, like a nomad, on a global mission to reestablish the power of the Lunar-intuitive Self and bring it back into balance with the Solar-logical Self. These 43 groundbreaking card images are based on the Lenormand tradition and I think the Madame would be proud. Expressive, lyrical, creative – and carrying layers and layers of archetypal, general, and personal symbolism – this is a timely deck and the fact that it was created by a man makes it all the more powerful. It includes a 160-page guidebook. SHOP FOR THE DECK

LENORMAND ORACLE CARDS • Alexandre Musruck • REDFeather
Passionate about intuitive readings, Alexandre Musruck has created a nostalgic, yet simultaneously modern, 39-card, gilt-edged Lenormand deck to aid readers in using their own intuitive skills. The beautiful, sepia-toned images give this deck an elegant, other-worldly tone. Throughout Musruck remains true to the uncomplicated imagery of Mlle. Lenormand. His companion book is sold separately. SHOP FOR THE DECK

FAIRY LENORMAND ORACLE CARDS • Markus Katz and Tali Goodwin • Davide Corsi, artwork • Lo Scarabeo
The Lenormand phenomenon moves to a new level with these 36 cards. The Fae Folk add their own special magic to the cards and Davide Corsi’s lush illustrations capture that special energy. The 128-page companion guidebook provides traditional meanings for each image plus tips for reading with the cards. This deck, which is as much about the fairy world as it is about Lenormand, is a treat for the eyes (be it two or three) no matter how you use it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

Combining modern technology with traditional illustration, Silvia Neitzner has delivered a new take on the traditional Lenormand format. Infused with her work as a naturopath and healer, this 36-card deck speaks to the facets of healing that must be worked through to arrive at self-empowerment. The interpretations in the 80-page companion book are direct. The wisdom you gain will come from the work you do. Elaborate directives may be comforting but it is only with personal involvement that true wisdom and resolution is found. SHOP FOR THE DECK

FAIRY TALE LENORMAND • Lisa Hunt, artwork • Arwen Lynch • US Games
To ask whimsical Lisa Hunt to illustrate a traditional Lenormand deck was really throwing down the gauntlet. She rose to the challenge, however, and created a 38-card deck which is straightforward enough to satisfy the most demanding traditional cartomancer, but also contains the tiny embedded symbolism her loyal fans look forward to. Arwen Lynch does a superb job, in the 120-page companion booklet, of linking an appropriate fairy tale to each card and explaining how the archetypes in the tale lend themselves to the Lenormand symbolism. This is a lyrical and captivating addition to the Lenormand library. SHOP FOR THE DECK

RANA GEORGE LENORMAND • Rana George • Callie L. French, artwork • US Games
Rana George believes in the symbols and images that have served Lenormand cartomancy for almost 200 years. Yet she longed for a deck that put those symbols and images into the context of her Lebanese heritage, with hints of the Ottoman Empire, 1001 Nights, and Andalusion lore. A meeting with Callie French was the answer to her prayers. The result was this exotic, yet true-to-its-Lenormand-roots 42-card deck. George pours her personal insights and feelings into the 124-page companion book. SHOP FOR THE DECK

GILDED REVERIE LENORMAND (Expanded Edition) • Ciro Marchetti • US Games
Ciro Marchetti has wedded the Petit Lenormand images with Madame Lenormand’s fluid approach to cartomancy and reverently created this superb 44-card divination deck. The images are stunning—reminiscent of elaborately illustrated children’s books. The evocative imagery produces nearly tangible sensations as one looks through the deck, pondering the layers of symbolism contained within it. The 80-page companion book offers Marchetti’s expressive, personal insight into the meaning of each card. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Blind Spot Oracle Cards

Jan 18 2020

Releases March 3

Have you ever heard a Sigil?

The Sigils represented on these 78 cards were channeled and hand-painted by artist Teal Swan. The Sigil itself does not represent a pre-determined interpretation. Rather, each sigil introduces the reader to spiritual energy that is willing to communicate directly with them at the moment. The deck is not meant to predict the future. It is meant to bring through insight and transformative thought regarding issues which need clarification.

Swan’s animated renderings capture energy which seems to speak from the card even before a dialogue is opened with it. Her guidance about possible advice the Sigil might be offering is profound, compassionate, and direct. (“Criticism is often an attempt to gain control of others.” “Any time we are reactive, we are on the defensive.”)

This is a unique deck which will become more valuable the more it is used. PRE-ORDER THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Spirit Cats

Jan 11 2020

Do you know a special cat?

Nicole Piar’s beautifully rendered cast of 48 characters bring you profound messages about life, love, and magic. They meet the readers eyes intensely as they deliver their no-nonsense words of wisdom. They remind us to play. They teach us that pain can bring blessings. They ask us to stay present. They tell us that we have something to teach and suggest we cultivate kindness so that “our gifts may flourish and be shared freely”.

Whether you buy this deck for the stunning illustrations, for the cute felines, or for the universal wisdom the cards carry, this a delightful deck that will make you feel as special as these furry messengers. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Book of Interest—Tarot and the Gates of Light

Jan 04 2020

How do you work with the Tree of Life?

Mark Horn was born into Judaism and, like so many seekers, walked away from the religion of his birth to explore other options. As a gay man, it was a complicated path back to Judaism. Somewhere along the line he discovered tarot and again, like so many of us who were self-disenfranchised, it brought him back into the world of his religion of birth through the esoteric back door.

Whether you are interested in tarot or Kabbalism or both, what you will find in this book is spiritual guidance in a very practical form. I have been interested in Kabbalah for thirty years and I’ve done quite a lot of reading on the subject. This is the first book I’ve come across that brings the Kabbalistic glyph, The Tree of Life, into real-world terms that make it truly relevant to my spiritual pursuits. Relating it to the tarot, for me, is the icing on the cake. It is not the first time I’ve encountered the correspondences between the tarot and The Tree of Life, but it is the first time that I’ve had it all fall into place in a way that makes organic sense to me.

The book offers novices easy access to the complex worlds of tarot and Kabbalah. For experienced seekers like myself, it provides a solid framework in the physical world from which to explore the things that cannot be put into words. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Deck of Interest—Tarot Grand Luxe

Dec 28 2019

What images speak best to you?

Ciro Marchetti’s digital artwork has become a standout in the world of metaphysical illustration. He pulls details from a myriad of visual sources, then merges them flawlessly, adding his own “personal twists” along the way. The result is a very polished finished product which maintains the vague sense of mystery necessary to convey esoteric information. For this deck, he draws on the traditional forms of tarot, especially Pamela Colman Smith and the Tarot de Marseilles. He takes flight, however, from that substantial foundation and makes his way through the growing complexity of tarot imagery. The result is a visually lush deck of cards which remain thought-provoking despite their exquisite finished form.

This is a deck that experienced tarot readers won’t want to miss. Novices will find the inclusive images inviting, and Marchetti’s tarot insight will certainly point them in the right direction for further exploration. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Witch’s Oracle (2nd edition)

Dec 21 2019

What are your favorite witch’s tools?

This well-designed and beautifully packaged deck invites readers into the world of Paganism. If you’re not a witch (and don’t want to become one), don’t worry. You are welcome to come and take this tour of the symbolism of nature-based spirituality and divination.

The exquisite card images are reduced to a visual simplicity in order to increase their power. The 128-page, full-color companion book connects readers to each image with a concise history and interpretation. Nicholas Pearson has added a crystal that vibrates with the theme of each card. For those who would like to try ritual work for themselves, there is a short incantation for each card as well. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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