Deck of Interest—Cherub Angels for Children

Aug 08 2014

Hay House

What are the Cherubs trying to tell you?

Angel Lady Doreen Virtue has lent her special expertise to creating this 44-card deck for and about children. Every thing about the deck is young-people-friendly, even its smaller size. The 72-page companion book is written to be understandable to all age levels. Don’t, however, be misled by the simplicity of Virtue’s interpretations. The power of this deck lies in its purity and innocence, and Virtue calls upon that power to offer us a less complicated window onto the soul.

The highly creative and lively illustrations by Donna Brooks are delightfully endearing and filled with positive emotions. The set is beautifully packaged. It makes a perfect gift, whether for a special child in your life, or for your own inner child.

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Deck of Interest—Ancient Animal Wisdom

Jul 25 2014

U.S.Games Systems Inc.

Will the lion speak to you?

The energy and esoteric wisdom of 38 animal spirit guides from Africa are captured in this exotic deck. The symbolism is also aligned with traditional numerology, increasing the power of each card for use in both meditation and divination.

The illustrations hint at the powerful primitive art of Africa, but are infused with an astral realm imaginative stream which transports them out the physical realm and into the world of spirit. Each image speaks from the card, challenging the observer to delve into its insightful world and look for the secrets that are hidden from the self-aware consciousness.

It’s an exciting new deck for novices and seasoned oracle readers alike. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Inner Realms Tarot

Jul 11 2014

Schiffer Publications

What mysteries lie within you?

These 78 beautifully illustrated cards have been designed to bring us into deeper realms of awareness and insight within ourselves. Saleire managed to capture the intense colors of the astral realm (aura) as she explored the tarot and brought its symbolism into her personal world. In the 128-page companion book she shares the wisdom which she uncovered as she brought this beautiful deck to life.

She encourages us to make the deck our own, as she has done, whether we are using it for meditation or divination. She has added keywords to the illustrations which serve as prompts to understanding the traditional messages of each card. The words are subtly incorporated, however, and can be easily overlooked once you begin developing your own interpretations and vocabulary. This is a unique deck which is extremely well executed. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Oracle of Visions

Jun 13 2014

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

What will you see in these images?

Successful creator of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand, Legacy of the Divine Tarot, and The Gilded Tarot Deck, Ciro Marchetti indulged his personal visual passions in order to create this energetic and highly imaginative deck.

Having explored traditional tarot imagery to the saturation point, he was looking for a new challenge. He decided to throw out preexisting formats and create an open-ended oracle deck that would allow individual mindsets to have as much to do with users’ interpretation as with his intention. The resulting 52-card deck comes alive with fantasy, theatricality, and a hint of Steampunk.

The 140-page companion book provides Marchetti’s perspective on his images and an account of his personal journey through the deck. He encourages readers to take his creations into their own hands and glean from the deck what is best for them.

My favorite cards? I am soothed by the beauty of Card 48 (Choice), drawn into the intensity of Card 8 (Dedication), stopped cold by the melancholy of Card 15 (Closure), and laughed out loud at the staunch silliness of Card 2 (Assimilation). This is a deck you will enjoy! SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Lenormand Cartomancy

May 23 2014

Schiffer Publishing

Have you met the Madame?

I said in my review of Butler’s The Son Tarot that in the thirty years since he first discover the tarot in a James Bond movie,“his personal journey through the cards has culminated in a new, creative, and highly-informed expression of tarot truths”. That statement continues to resonate with his latest card deck venture.

Butler begins the companion book to the deck with a history of Madame Lenormand and the Petit Lenormand deck that became famous after her death. He acknowledges the fact that the deck was spuriously attributed to her after her death but also suggests that Lenormand, first and foremost a masterful showman, would relish the fact that it has so successfully continued to enhance her fame.

In updating the Petit Lenormand images, Butler does not believe that he is passing on the secrets of one of the greatest fortune tellers in history. Instead he intends to pay homage to her memory and her legend — and this he does brilliantly. The cards in this revised deck are modern, edgy, and visually stimulating. One can’t help but think that this is a deck which the great Madame would have acquired and utilized with gusto were she alive today. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Ukiyoe Tarot

May 17 2014

U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Have you visited the “Floating World”?

Koji Furuta was hand-picked by tarot guru Stuart Kaplan to merge the world of Japanese Ukiyoe artwork with the traditional 78-card tarot deck. The resulting imagery captures the delicate, yet powerful, Ukiyoe style, while the end product is amazingly modern. Then again, that has always been the strength of Japanese art — spanning the ages.

Ukiyoe is a perfect medium to convey the ancient wisdom of the tarot. The Magician is poised like a samurai, ready to take action.The High Priestess peers out from behind her elaborate makeup and costuming to let querents know that her word is law. The Hierophant gazes sadly at his quizzical proteges. Justice looks over her shoulder to make sure no one is being left behind. And a boddhisatva beckons from a heavenly lotus as the gravestones tumble in Judgement.

The more you know about the tarot, the more you will find in each illustration. If tarot is new to you, each card offers much to explore. This lively and intricate deck is a terrific oracle and, of course, it will prove valuable for meditation as well. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Dream Raven Tarot

May 10 2014



Schiffer Publishing

Is there a blackbird in your future?

Beth Seilonen’s 78 stunning watercolors make this deck a standout. Based on the traditional Rider/Waite deck, Dream Raven Tarot takes us into the shamanic world of totem animals, drawing our own inner wisdom to the surface, with the use of vibrantly subtle color and childlike invention.

Raven medicine is personal for Seilonen. She became acquainted with ravens and their special wisdom in her native Maine. She has successfully captured the varied dimensions of their personalities — the self-serving focus on a goal, the all-knowing look of wisdom, the deceptively clown-like sense of humor which masks their power.

It’s a delight to look through this deck. The evocative images lend themselves to both meditation and divination. The 128-page guidebook modernizes traditional interpretations of the cards while maintaining the ancient wisdom buried in their symbolism. This beautifully designed deck and book set will be of special interest to those of you who like to choose an oracle card every morning and carry it’s image with you through the day. These cards carry a very powerful psychic charge. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Renaissance Tarot

May 02 2014

U. S. Games Systems Inc.

Will you meet the eyes of truth?

Delicately illustrated, with gold embellishments, Brian Williams’ artistry gently hints at illuminated manuscripts while it conveys the power of the tarot symbolism contained within the traditional 78-card deck. Relying on classical mythology and four of the great Italian Renaissance cities, he has made the tarot his own. The characters display uncharacteristic emotion and, sometimes unfettered sexually, to convey the essence of the tarot wisdom.

Ultimately, in this deck, it is the eyes which tell the story. Whether they peer out from the face atop The Tower, from the skeleton in Death, or from the leaves on the flower held by The Priestess, the eyes say it all.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the tarot or a long-term afficionado, this deck will provide many hours of questioning and pondering. It is sad that Brian Williams will not be able to take us further on the journey he has so elegantly begun.His passing was truly a loss to the world of tarot. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Apr 26 2014

U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Would the Madame love this one?

Cartomancer Madame Anne-Marie Lenormand is enjoying quite a revival, as is the Petit Lenormand divination deck. Created after her death, the Petit Lenormand has survived for over a century because of her reputation as a fortuneteller, despite the fact that she probably had very little to do with the images on the cards. She did her readings with playing cards onto which she sometimes scribbled images, but she changed decks frequently and didn’t seem to be permanently attached to any of those symbols.

Ciro Marchetti has wedded the PetitLenormand images with Madame Lenormand’s fluid approach to cartomancy and reverently created this highly creative divination deck. The images are stunning — reminiscent of elaborately illustrated children’s books. The evocative imagery produces nearly tangible sensations as one looks through the deck, pondering the layers of symbolism contained within it.

The 48-page companion booklet offers Marchetti’s expressive, personal insight into the meaning of each card. A beautiful deck, beautifully packaged. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Tarot of the Night

Apr 18 2014

Schiffer Publishing


Can you light up the night?

Turning night terrors into teddy bears, the Tarot of the Night champions the power of the imagination and its ability to see in the dark. Don’t be put off by the skull on the box, or the frequent appearance of skeletons throughout the deck. Richard ShadowFox has summoned a unique cast of characters to help querents find their way through hazardous terrain. His goal is to move us all forward to a better place.

I’m especially enamored of his use of color to energize the cards. More than just highlighting his drawings, he has supercharged them with astral bolts of lightening, merging visual emotion with supernatural overtones. From the faces on the horses in the Six of Wands, to the nearly-singing flowers in the Two of Cups, to the magnetic pull of the moon in The Fool, each card invites the observer into a highly-charged environment. Dare you enter?

In the 256-page companion book, ShadowFox elaborates on the layers of meaning he has found over the years in his beloved tarot cards. He also pays homage to Pamela Coleman Smith (illustrator of A. E. Waite’s famous tarot deck), recounting his hours and hours of scouring her drawings for every little turn of the pen that might have meaning. In my opinion, Smith and Waite definitely understood something that most would-be occultists of their day didn’t get. What I love most about Tarot of the Night is that ShadowFox infused the deck with their inner-circle insight without leaving Smith’s fingerprints all over his drawings. The cards are not redecorated versions of her illustrations. Instead they capture her intent yet tell the story in a completely original way. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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