Deck of Interest—Tarot of the Night

Apr 18 2014

Schiffer Publishing


Can you light up the night?

Turning night terrors into teddy bears, the Tarot of the Night champions the power of the imagination and its ability to see in the dark. Don’t be put off by the skull on the box, or the frequent appearance of skeletons throughout the deck. Richard ShadowFox has summoned a unique cast of characters to help querents find their way through hazardous terrain. His goal is to move us all forward to a better place.

I’m especially enamored of his use of color to energize the cards. More than just highlighting his drawings, he has supercharged them with astral bolts of lightening, merging visual emotion with supernatural overtones. From the faces on the horses in the Six of Wands, to the nearly-singing flowers in the Two of Cups, to the magnetic pull of the moon in The Fool, each card invites the observer into a highly-charged environment. Dare you enter?

In the 256-page companion book, ShadowFox elaborates on the layers of meaning he has found over the years in his beloved tarot cards. He also pays homage to Pamela Coleman Smith (illustrator of A. E. Waite’s famous tarot deck), recounting his hours and hours of scouring her drawings for every little turn of the pen that might have meaning. In my opinion, Smith and Waite definitely understood something that most would-be occultists of their day didn’t get. What I love most about Tarot of the Night is that ShadowFox infused the deck with their inner-circle insight without leaving Smith’s fingerprints all over his drawings. The cards are not redecorated versions of her illustrations. Instead they capture her intent yet tell the story in a completely original way. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Deviant Moon Tarot

Apr 11 2014

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Will you join this crazy party?
The Deviant Moon Tarot is one of my all-time favorite decks. Now U.S. Games has released a borderless version of the deck, making the brilliant and edgy illustrations even more powerful.

If you’ve seen any of Patrick Valenza’s work, you won’t be surprised to learn that, as a child, he loved spending time in cemeteries. The intensely lyrical look of moonlight casting shadows at midnight, common in 1940’s black and white movies, lends a tinge of something deliciously eerie to Valenza’s offbeat cast of characters.

He began drawing tarot cards at the age of nine. This deck was decades in the making and the final product demonstrates what he has learned during those years of study. Nearly grotesque, but never morbid, I wrote in a review of the original deck that it was Valenza’s humor that pulled the illustrations back from the edge. My current evaluation is that it is his passion for and knowledge of the tarot wisdom that elevates the deck from “zombie chic” to transcendent 60’s edgy.

Whether in this bold version or the original format, this remains one of my symbolic and creative favorites. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest — 99 Names of God Sufi Cards

Apr 04 2014

Lo Scarabeo

In Sufi teaching, God has 4000 names. Most are known only to God, the Angels, and the Prophets. Only 100 of the names are mentioned in the Qur’an. Of those one is hidden. The other 99 are illustrated in this unique and powerful deck. Each name represents an attribute of the Divine and is chanted to open a connection to that attribute within one’s heart and to receive its blessing. Sufi tradition contains elaborate rituals for chanting these names of God. Anna Eva Jahier has made them accessible to a broader audience with these beautifully designed cards and companion guide book which provides translations of each name.

Don’t be mislead by the similar appearance of each card. A closer look will reveal the complex subtlety of each name. The background for each card represents water, the water out of which everything is born. Water is also indicative of our subconscious minds. Thus in these cards, the names of God arise from the depths of our mind to manifest the inner attributes of Divinity that lie hidden within us. The shift in perspective which the non-familiar language and images create will facilitate access to those hidden inner regions. This is a terrific new meditational tool, as well as an intriguing oracle.

Anna Eva Jahier is also the creator of the Reiki Inspirational Cards.

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Deck of Interest — Nature Portals

Mar 29 2014

Dawn Publications

Has your soul blossomed lately?

Nature is the gardener/teacher in this unique and beautifully executed deck of inspiration cards. The stunning photograph on each card shows us a secret portal found in nature that provides access to higher wisdom and happiness. The other side of the card carries a caption reflecting the message of the photograph and a short reverie on that message or a suggested exercise which relates to it.

Just looking through the deck is a treat. Reading the accompanying messages on the back is soothing. It is, however, only when you actually begin working with the cards that you begin to understand their power. Once you’ve taken time to read the illumination on a card with real attention, and then return to the photograph on the other side, something opens up before you, drawing you through the card and into another realm. I love this deck! In addition to being a phenomenal meditation tool, the deck is a terrific oracle. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest — Messages From Heaven

Mar 21 2014

Findhorn Press

Do you hear voices from heaven?

I do. So I was very skeptical about the idea of recreating that experience in a deck of cards. But, I have to admit, when I pulled two cards to test run the deck I was filled with a sense of being surrounded by loved ones from another realm. Jacky Newcomb, The Angel Lady, has managed to capture the sense of old-fashioned, honest spiritualism and package it in a two-dimensional form — an all together impressive feat.

When I first leafed through the cards, I decided to review the deck because it was well thought-out and rich with visual imagery and words that would resonate with the subconscious. It was only when I tried the deck, quieting my mind and sorting through the cards until I felt the ones that were calling to me, that I began to understand the magic that is contained within this beautifully designed 44-card deck. The accompanying booklet explains it all, so there’s no need to be afraid if you’re new to the world of those who have gone before. Give it a try. You won’t regret it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest — The Psychic Tarot of the Heart

Mar 06 2014


Hay House

What does your heart want to tell you?

Renowned psychic John Holland specializes in matters of the heart — and he doesn’t mean intimate relationships only. He tells us that relationships of all kinds are teachers, that like mirrors they reflect our core issues and current status back to us. He has spent many years helping people to better understand their relationships and make the most of them. The wisdom that he gained doing that work has been used to create this innovative oracle deck which explores the deeper meanings of human interaction and connection.

The well-written 178-page companion book offers insight and suggestions related to the aspect of relationships each card is dealing with, as well as tips for developing psychic awareness. John Matson’s beautiful and intriguing illustrations bring Holland’s ideas to life. The layers of visual symbolism make them perfect for meditation and invite us to return to them over and over again for more information. This is a unique deck which will bring understanding, inspiration, and healing to anyone who works with it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Review – Secret Language of Birds Tarot

Mar 04 2014

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

This exotically rendered deck,with its cast of seductively emotive humans, its pantheon of winged creatures from around the world, and its hand-drawn Italian titles, invites the user into its ancient world of mystery. As far back as we can trace, people have watched the skies looking for signs and omens. The natural inhabitants of that realm quickly became recognized as messengers from another world and every detail of their appearance and behavior was studied and recorded.

Nozedar and Sutton have captured both the symbolism and the personalities of these winged creatures in this unique and lively set of oracle cards. The layers of meaning they have put into every card will provide endless opportunities for interpretation as the magic of each card unfolds. The boxed set comes with 78 cards and 208-page book.

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Deck of Interest — Witchlings

Feb 18 2014

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Will Witchy work for you?
Paulina Cassidy, creator of the Joie de Vivre Tarot and Paulina Tarot decks, has created a new cast of forty lyrical and eccentric ladies to grace her newest deck of oracle cards. These feminine occultists dance, posture, levitate, and fly as they invite us into their magical world. If you don’t know Cassidy’s work, this deck is a perfect introduction. If you’re already a fan, you’ll be delighted with this addition to Paulina’s repertoire.

The accompanying 200-page Witchlings Book of Spells adds insight and instruction to the charms of these spellbinding enchantresses. The spells are augmented with candle and color magic, crystal energy, chanting, and detailed meditations to make all your dreams come true. Pick a card. Introduce yourself. Start making magic! SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Decks of Interest — Goddesses & Sirens

Feb 07 2014

Beyond Words

Have you met your inner goddess?
These ladies are powerful. Drawn from mythology going back to ancient times, they are proud, cunning, accomplished, fierce, seductive, fertile, and wise. They come from cultures which span the globe. Stacey Demarco has delved deep into their stories and Jimmy Manton has brought them to life in his richly intense illustrations. They have messages that will touch your life in different ways at different times.

The deck can be used for intuitive messages, for meditation, for ritual work, or to reclaim the Divine Feminine and strengthen the feminine within. The 176-page guidebook elaborates on the history and associated symbolism of each of these forty larger-than-life ladies. From Amaterasu to Yemaya, this is a deck to be treasured. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest — Conscious Spirit

Jan 03 2014

U.S. Games Systems

Have you seen the Divine Feminine in action?

Honoring angel, fairy, goddess, maiden, mother, and crone, these 44 elegantly beautiful cards capture the power of spirit infusing the earth plane. The magical environment of each card summons the observer to join the lady who inhabits that environment and participate in the celebration of the particular wisdom which she represents.

Meditated on sequentially, the cards create a journey, from awakening to integration, which is filled with wisdom and enlightenment. Individually, each card is a trigger which releases intuitive information and insight. This deck is a delight and your muses and spirit helpers will love it as much as you do. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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