Book of Interest—TAROT

Jul 12 2016

Schiffer Publishing

What secrets will the tarot tell you?

Like many of his generation, it was Harry Potter who prompted Nasios to begin his journey into the world of magic. Originally, he embraced tarot as a magic wand with which he could wield power. However, he quickly realized that he had found something much more interesting than that. His connection to tarot was forged and he continues to make the most of what this special esoteric world has to offer.

Nasios begins with a basic overview of tarot and the essentials of getting started. From there, the book becomes more specific with each chapter, covering common interpretations and attributions of each card, religious philosophy in relation to tarot, sample spreads, sample readings, advanced study and certification, and in-depth discussions of both the Major and Minor Arcana.

Nasios is insightful, knowledgeable, and well organized in his presentation. Whether you’re curious about, or experienced with, tarot, this book will be a good investment. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Deck of Interest—Dreaming Way Lenormand

Jul 05 2016

US Games Systems, Inc.

What’s new in Lenormand?

Kwon Shina has added a new dimension to the very popular Lenormand divination system. I loved her Dreaming Way Tarot deck (review available on She’s delivered once again with this quirky, lyrical interpretation of the 36 Lenormand cards, advancing their power as an oracle. The accompanying 96-page booklet adds insight for those who are still new to Lenormand interpretation. Seasoned intuitives will most likely just open the box and let these powerful new illustrations take them to new heights.

Rider sits backwards on what might very well be a carousel horse. Clouds emanate from a cup of coffee (I especially relate to that one). Sardine can as Coffin. Birds sporting a bird house as a hat. And are those bricks falling out of the window of the Tower, or is it a dissolving stairway?

US Games is well on the way to being the definitive authority on modern Lenormand. Dreaming Way Lenormand is yet another feather in their cap. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Kuan Yin Oracle

Jun 14 2016

Llewellyn Publications

Have you heard the voice of the Compassionate Mother?

The call to live with love and kindness has risen with the reemergence of the Divine Feminine energy. This Asian Mother of Compassion has, for thousands of years, encouraged humans to fill themselves with light, and live in love rather than fear. Her special voice radiates from each of the 44 cards in this beautiful, classically-rendered deck. She calls readers to open their hearts to healing and wisdom and to allow their lives to be lifted because of it.

The messages contained within the 144-page book are gently phrased but powerful in their content. Encouraging, soothing, softly challenging, and expecting the best from those who use them, these cards are a gift to anyone wishing to walk the spiritual path with confidence and courage. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Faery Forest

May 31 2016

Llewellyn Publications

Which of the ancients speaks to you?

Lucy Cavendish (Oracle of Shadow and Light and Oracle of the Shapeshifters) has done it again with another truly amazing oracle deck. Extraordinary faery artist Maxine Gadd is a perfect partner for Cavendish’s rich and highly informed vision. Together they offer readers entrèe to the world between the worlds, where Faeries, Wyzards, Goddesses, and Witches await.

If your aim is divination, you have only to look into the eyes of these exotic creatures to hear a voice that speaks from the realms beyond this world. If meditation is your goal, these beautiful drawings laden with symbolism will offer you many, many hours of exploration and visualization. If what you seek is the wisdom from this ancient natural world, you won’t find a better teacher than Lucy Cavendish. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Book of Interest—365 Tarot Spells

May 17 2016

Llewellyn Publications

Can the tarot change your life?

Sasha Graham began her journey into the magical world of tarot at her kitchen table with Jenina Renee’s book Tarot Spells. Once she was able to connect with sacred space, she found the walls of her kitchen confining and took her work outdoors, embracing the lessons of the natural world. Nature combined with tarot taught her a lot. She’s sharing what she learned in this exciting new book.

Graham tells us that there are three components of spellcasting: desire, feeling, and action. She points out that every one’s connection to the magical realm is unique. While most people associate magic with the natural world, Graham says that the tarot cards offer a special metaphysical gateway into the magical realm through our individual consciousness. Relying on powerful symbols and archetypes, the world of tarot connects us to the wisdom of our Higher Self and beyond.

Graham has created 365 magical tarot spells, one for each day of the year, and has described them in detail for readers. She includes ingredients, method, visualization, meditation, a special incantation, and an illustration of the associated tarot card. The instructions are beginner-friendly yet sophisticated enough to capture the attention of experienced tarot/magical practitioners. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Deck of Interest—Butterfly Oracle Cards

May 03 2016

Hay House

How can butterflies help you?

The Angel Lady has turned her attention to the natural world to offer readers this powerful and delightful new card deck. Stunning close-up photography captures the magic of these butterflies as they send humans loving messages of healing and faith to help us through times of change.

Paired with flowered backgrounds, these images create transcendent feelings in and of themselves. Virtue’s trademark supportive perspective makes the messages for each card all the more accessible. Her companion book gives readers additional insight into how the transformations that we all encounter in life can become blessings. Always a perfectionist, Virtue has once again created a top-quality, state-of-the-art product. This is my current Doreen Virtue favorite. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—The Angel Oracle

Apr 18 2016

Connections Book Publishing

How much influence do angels have in your life?

Angels, messengers of the gods, have been a trustworthy and comforting link between humans and heaven since the earliest recorded times. They have appeared in some form in almost every culture since the beginning of recorded history. The Angel Oracle brings the traditions of all those millennia into one box that gives readers the ability to call on the power of these elevated spirit beings and to ask for their help, and their insight, in their daily lives.

The 36 angel cards capture the power, love, and inspiration of these extraordinary spirit beings. The illustrations and the symbolism they contain harken back to familiar depictions of these heavenly entities but with subtle updates. Metatron gives readers a conspiratorial look from his stately pose on a cloud. The Angel of Forgiveness has a decidedly flirty, albeit innocent, air about her. And Uriel looks as if he’s about to break into a happy dance. It’s a sign that these angels are here to interact with us. Wauters captivating 112-page hardcover book summarizes the most relevant existing literature regarding angels but tells readers that their personal experience is more valuable than anything they will read. Each card carries an affirmation to help readers connect with the angelic energy it represents. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Mystical Wisdom Card Deck

Apr 05 2016

U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

What does the mystical world want to teach you?

Offering guidance for the present and predictions for the future, this angel-inspired, 46-card deck is brought to life with highly energetic illustrations, vibrating at the frequencies of the enlightened beings from which they were derived. The
64-page companion book offers insight into the symbolism of each illustration, a key phrase to help users connect with the card’s message, and a dedicated mantra to access the energy of the angel, animal totem, or spirit guide associated with the card.

Gentle in their overall appearance, yet dynamic in their execution, these cards beckon us to follow them toward a life of joy and productivity. The intensely detailed content makes them excellent divination tools while the swirling coherence of colors and symbolism make them highly charged for meditation. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Book of Interest—Deviant Moon Tarot

Mar 22 2016

U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Does the moon speak to you?

Never before has the tale of discovering tarot, from the sighting of a small box in a shopping mall to the creation of one of the most successful and inventive decks of all time, been recounted in such detail and with such animation. From the moment he talked his parents into buying him that first tarot deck, Valenza practiced recreating the cards. He arrived at adolescence with advanced drawing and interpretative skills. By the age of 18, he had created the first thirteen Deviant Moon tarot cards. Then, as he matured and his style began to morph and his interests changed, he put those first thirteen cards away and didn’t return to them until 2004. When he did reconnect to the deck, it began to come to life in an extraordinary way. Digitally merging the figures with his extensive photography collection, the current version of the Deviant Moon tarot was born.

Beautifully printed, this book is a visual feast as well as a stellar documentation of the creative process. After telling us his story, Valenza takes us on a personal tour through the deck. Each card is reproduced as a full page illustration. Valenza tells us how he interprets the card and gives us a peek at how the card came to life by sharing preliminary sketches and reference material with us. Tarot lovers, artists, or those who are curious about creative esoteric reality will find this a very special treasure indeed. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—First Light Tarot

Mar 12 2016

Schiffer Publishing

What will you find in outer space?

Drawing on the beautiful images sent back to earth by the Hubble telescope, this  highly inventive new deck of oracle cards merges astrology, numerology, and the Major Arcana of traditional tarot cards with those images. A second set of cards uses the images to communicate intuitive guidance sent to earth from the cosmos. Finally, a third set of cards provides a framework for using the first two sets of cards to divine information in response to specific inquiries.

The result is that, even with no previous experience, it is easy to ask this deck for answers. Just pick the Spread card that states your intention (Why is This Happening?, First Step, Obstacles, etc.). Then shuffle the remaining cards and pull one from the deck (Major Arcana cards or Insight cards) to place on top of the Spread card. Pull additional cards as you desire, remembering to factor in the number on the cards you choose and the astrological designation if available. Key words appear on the front of each card for quick-start readings. The companion book provides additional suggested interpretation. Two Wild Spread cards are included which allow users to craft their own specific questions as they become more advanced.

The elegantly-boxed set includes 22 Major Arcana cards, 22 channeled Insight cards, 22 Spread cards, a 96-page full-color companion book, and a 4-page quick reference chart. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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