Deck of Interest—Mystical Creature Oracle

Nov 24 2015

Schiffer Publishing

Do you know who your mythical totem is?

Sky Cybele has put the magic back in myth! Multi-cultural and highly charged, her 44 fanciful images speak of legend and ancient wisdom. Each totem’s story is its own and each totem tells its unique story in its own way. One senses the power to be contacted through the images. We are each free to access it at our own discretion and for whatever ethical purpose we choose.

The detailed 160-page companion book offers plenty of information and ideas to get users started, but it won’t take long for the creatures on the cards to take over and lead the reader through a personal journey to the other dimensions.

The deck and book set is beautifully packaged. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Deck of Interest—Wisdom of the Oracle

Nov 17 2015

Hay House

What does the oracle want to say to you?

Colette Baron-Reid brought each of these 52 gilt-edged cards to life when the oracle let her know that it was time for them to be born. That oracle speaks from somewhere within each card. Melding symbolism from the I-Ching, runes, and tarot cards, as well as other divination systems, Baron-Reid has taken great care to insure that the oracle’s voice will be heard clearly and truthfully. She tells us that she wants the deck to engage us in sacred conversation.

Jena DellaGrottaglia’s Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-Salvador-Dali illustrations create an environment for the oracle that readers can enter and explore. The cards are gently colored with a misty tone to them, but the symbolism is complex and tightly-woven together to form a complete world that resonates as one. The images will call readers back again and again to discover new insights and guidance.

Baron-Reid’s 208-page companion book is beautifully written and full of ancient wisdom presented in a new and inspiring manner. This deck is an elegant standout that lives up to its title. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Deck of Interest—Native Spirit Oracle Cards

Nov 10 2015

Hay House

Have you traveled behind the veil?

This visually stunning 44-card deck, created by a member of the Cherokee Nation, brings the power of the natural world and native tradition to the forefront, making it accessible to everyone for intuitive development and insight. The cards were brought through to the physical world at the foot of a sacred mountain and carry that mystical energy in their imagery. Linn intends them to help users reclaim the sacred powers of their ancestors and remember, once again, how to “travel through divine entryways”.

The 132-page guidebook is beautifully written and offers powerful insight into working with the signs and symbols of the native traditions. Soar with the eagle; let the morning sun wash over you; follow the rainbow to the heart of joy. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Deck of Interest—Tai Chi Reflections

Nov 03 2015

Findhorn Press

Do you Tai Chi?

Whether you do or don’t this 48-card deck will blow your socks off. Beautiful photographic-based illustrations capture the energy of Tai Chi postures and provide connection points for those looking to tap into and understand that special, ancient energy.

The deck is not intended to be instructional. It is meant to inspire by reflecting the energy of these sophisticated ancient postures and aligning the user with it. Crookes is famous for decks like Angels of Atlantis Oracle, Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards, and Angel Heart Sigils. He delivers big-time once again with this exceptional panorama of images. Beautiful to look and powerful to work with, its something different that won’t disappoint. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Deck of Interest—The Witch’s Oracle

Oct 27 2015

Schiffer Publications

Have you contacted your Inner Witch lately?

Drawing on the rich symbolism of pagan tradition, this 45-card deck of cards is designed to not only stimulate the imagination, but also to facilitate contact with the ancestors on the other side. Well thought-out and beautifully illustrated, each card comes with a special incantation which can be used to magically draw the energy represented by the card into the reader’s consciousness.

The cards make excellent meditational tools. When used for divination, the ancient symbolism, coupled with the often highly emotive renderings, provides easy access to nearly unlimited layers of intuitive information. The creators suggest using them as adjuncts to traditional tarot card readings in order to gain subtle subtext to the tarot communication. The easy-to-read 112-page, full-color companion book makes this deck perfect for beginners as well as for advanced oracle readers. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Deck of Interest—Journey to the Goddess Realm

Oct 20 2015

U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Which goddess is your favorite?

These 39 imaginative illustrations represent the wit and wisdom of a pantheon of deified ladies. The goddesses span time and country to open the doors to higher vibrational awareness. Porter’s animated and highly expressive style brings each lady’s power to the forefront and invites us to join her in her personal triumph. The companion booklet has just enough information to be helpful without being daunting.

Perfect as meditational aides, the cards are also very well suited for divination. Experienced readers will find them stimulating and fun. Novice readers will get plenty of intuitive help from all the details in each card. It’s a terrific new addition to the worlds of both goddesses and oracle decks. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Deck of Interest—Pagan Ways Tarot

Aug 07 2015

Schiffer Publishing

What’s new in nature?

These 78 vibrantly-colored images capture the energy and tradition of nature-based spirituality and bring the related gods, goddesses, nature spirits, and elemental essences into the modern era. The illustrations are bold, with almost theatrical costumes and settings. The goddess Empanada becomes the woman in the golden robe. The god Herne becomes stability of creation. Phaedra becomes the apathetic woman by the sea.

In the 190-page, full-color companion book Anna Franklin shares the symbolism and insight from her decades-long practice as a pagan priestess. You can explore the meaning behind the pictures as much or as little as you choose. Regardless, these images are so unique and show-stopping that no one will be able to dismiss this as “for pagans only”.

The book contains upright and reversed meanings for each card but seasoned card readers will find that they need no help in finding intuitive associations for these striking cards. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Decks of Interest—Tarot Gothica

Jul 24 2015

Schiffer Publishing

Are you ready to face your Shadow Self?

This is another cutting-edge deck from Schiffer Publishing. It journeys fearlessly into the darkest recesses of the subconsciousness without being afraid to risk illumination by the conscious mind.

Are you brave enough to follow The Hermit into the frozen wilderness? Will you ride The Chariot to the edge of fame with hard-rock celebrities? Can you hear the drumbeat of The High Priestess calling you to action?

This 78-card deck and 80-page companion booklet moves Goth to a new level as it embraces light and dark equally with images strong enough to get user’s attention but which ultimately offer enlightenment for those brave enough to make the journey into the shadows. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Book of Interest—Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot

Jul 11 2015

Llewellyn Publications

The Rider-Waite tarot deck is legend. It has been a best-seller for decades. When I was shopping for my first tarot deck in the early 70’s, it was one of only a few decks available for sale in mainstream commercial markets.

As I began to study Western Hermetic Mystery traditions, the symbolism incorporated in the cards came to life for me and aided me on my course of study. Like most people, I thought of Pamela Coleman Smith as a somewhat naive technician, carrying out A.E. Waite’s will. As feminine spiritual power continues to gain intellectual strength in metaphysics, the truth has begun to come out.

Smith, it appears, was not a choice that Waite made lightly. He picked an artist with global roots (she spent large chunks of time in Jamaica in her childhood), who pursued initiation in the Order of the Golden Dawn, and clearly was a sophisticated channel by the time she was creating this landmark deck of tarot cards. Free-spirited, unmarried, and living a bohemian lifestyle, she was thoroughly knowledgeable about music, theatre, and dance in London. All of these artistic elements were incorporated into her drawings as she rendered the import of the lower arcana and the dense symbolism of the major arcana.

We will never know how much of the extraordinary symbolism of this deck should be credited to Waite and how much Smith initiated on her own. What is clear is that the combination of superior transcendent minds created a tool that spans the generations. We owe a great debt to Katz and Goodwin for filling in as many of the blanks as they have. This is a very interesting and enlightening tome complete with new insight about the card meanings. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Deck of Interest—The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck

Jun 26 2015

U.S. Games Systems Inc.

How do you take flight?

Tarot superstar Lisa Hunt has joined forces with Lesley Morrison to merge the human spirit with nature’s winged spirits. Her 39 subtlety dynamic watercolors pay homage to the creatures sometimes referred to as the messengers of God.

Whether you use the cards for divination, meditation, or just enjoy the beauty of the paintings, these cards will prove uplifting and inspirational. The companion booklet by Lesley Morrison is beautifully written and explores the metaphor of bird as elevated human spirit poetically but with a clear eye. Each bird represented has it own haiku-like heralding statement (You are presence. You are survival. You are bold ambition. You are Blue Jay.)

From condor to hummingbird, the strength of each unique bird is highlighted in both word and paint. This deck will take you anywhere you are ready to go. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2015 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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