Deck of Interest—Enlighten Up Card Deck

Jul 12 2019

What are you ready to let go of?

Graffiti meets guru in these highly energetic, visionary paintings by world peace artist Andrea Smith. She’s painted answers that are waiting for your questions. Anchored in vibrant, unfettered feminine spirituality, each painting is meant to be a world unto itself that readers can enter in search of awareness and serenity. The titles for each artwork were created separately and miraculously matched up perfectly with the illustrations after the fact.

While the cards were intended to be used one at a time for personal guidance and insight, the animated illustrations work very well in spreads and can easily be used for more formal readings.

I believe this deck heralds a trend toward more free-spirited card decks which will open doors to personal intuition and move beyond reliance on the wisdom of others. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—ALICE The Wonderland Oracle

Jul 06 2019

Which rabbit do you follow?

Lucy Cavendish, the Godmother of oracular wisdom, first consciously embraced the White Rabbit as her work became recognized in Japan and she embarked on a trip through a country with which she had no prior experience. She chose as her guide an old copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Randomly opening the book every day, she let the passage that presented itself inform her physical journey as it connected to the esoteric wisdom that it carried. Alice’s adventures reminded her to follow curiosity (not fear), to embrace differences and the unknown, to make the most of an unpredictable environment, and to understand that alone wasn’t really alone.

Once she decided to translate her experience into an oracle deck, it was Jasmine Becket-Giffith whom she chose to express the wisdom and eccentricity of the journey she was trying to share. Becket-Griffith’s evocative, symbol-laden imagery was more than up to the job. Together they have translated Alice’s journey through the mysterious realms of the subconscious (and creative) aspects of the human brain into a readily accessible series of illustrations which captures the inner wisdom as effectively as Carroll’s original work. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Dark Mirror Oracle Deck

Jun 29 2019

What are you afraid to shine a light upon?

This unique, and beautifully rendered, deck is designed specifically to summon and process aspects of our subconscious that remain in hiding. Using the moon as a model, it takes us from the light of a waxing moon, to the full moon and its reflected insight, through waning, and finally into the darkness which is sometimes so very scary. The design of the cards factors in the five stages of grieving, as well as other psychological truths.

If you feel as if something inside of you has been knocking on a door, trying to get your attention, this deck will help you recognize the issues that might be coming to the surface so that you will be more comfortable facing them.

Initially the deck might seem haunting and mysterious. With use, I think you will find that it is a helpful companion during difficult passages along your life’s path.

Professional card readers might want to consider pulling one card from this deck to provide perspective for a spread that doesn’t seem to be making sense. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Book of Interest—Tarot for Troubled Times

Jun 22 2019

How does the Tarot help?

But know this: we’re living in a time of profound shadow work … Collectively and individually, we are being called to take action, to face the shadow and instigate radical change.

Even a superficial look at the world around us seems to indicate that as a society, as a species, we have lost our way. This book is a response to that. With an amazing amount of insight and backup information, these authors ask us to give up domination and reclaim the personal strength that comes from within. That will require us to face our own shadow self and stop projecting it outward onto others without getting lost in the darkness. Using the tarot as a mirror and extracting guidance from its archetypal symbolism provides a tested and true path for doing this complex and invaluable work.

In addition, to explaining in detail how all this works, the authors have filled the book with personal anecdotes, suggested visualizations, rituals, ceremonies, and strategies for taking what is gained out into the world to create real and lasting change. It’s an amazing contribution to the world of tarot. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Deck of Interest—The Spirit Animal Oracle

Jun 15 2019

What do the oracles of the natural world want to tell you?

As interest in the spirituality of the natural world increases, oracle guru Baron-Reid has joined forces with illustrator DellaGrottaglia to create this amazing deck that both pays homage to non-human living beings but also passes along the archetypal wisdom that they carry.

Baron-Reid created the deck in response to what she sees as a “crucial choice point“ in human evolution. She offers it to readers as an “invitation to reclaim our essential Truth”. It is a deck created for modern mystics who run the gamut from worldly wise to grassroots savvy. Come as you are. You will find an open door.

As a visual artist, it was the spectacular beauty of the deck that won me over in the beginning. The more I worked with the deck, however, the more I engaged with the subtle, exquisitely-detailed symbolism included in every card. Everything in these cards tells a story and the more you work with them, the more that story becomes personal. SHOP FOR THE DECK

If you like this deck (and I think you’ll love it), don’t miss the GODDESS POWER ORACLE, also created by Baron-Reid and DellaGrottaglia.

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Deck of Interest—Sacred Earth Oracle

Jun 08 2019

How do you honor Mother Earth?

Global author and artist Toni Salerno joined forces with spiritual editor and author Williams to create an oracle deck that is deeply connected to the physical realm and sensory perception. Add in the extraordinary watercolor visions of Helena Nelson-Reed and you have an oracle deck that not only shows the way to connecting with the powerful forces of Mother Earth but also demonstrates reverence to Sacred Earth as a powerful healer, teacher and muse. If you’re feeling that you’ve lost touch with the grounding of the physical plane around you, this is the deck that will help you get reconnected.

At a time when we hear more and more about the stresses (and possible demise) of Mother Earth, this is the deck that will remind you why the Earth has survived for so many millenial. The imagery of these cards bring magic into that survival. It is a deck that affirms the future of the earth and those who inhabit it. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Book of Interest—Tarot and the Archetypal Journey

May 31 2019

What does Jung have to do with TAROT?

In case you missed it the first time (this book was originally published in 1980), Weiser Books is giving you a second chance to benefit from Sallie Nichols’ wisdom and insight. It turns out that she was well ahead of her time in terms of her perspective. Advances in neuroscience are making metaphysics understandable in scientific rather than esoteric terms. It’s difficult to believe that this book was written post these new discoveries.

Nichols asks readers to focus on the symbolism of the cards, ignoring the many elaborate interpretations and correspondences to other spiritual philosophies which exist in classic tarot literature. She tells us that dealing with the basic symbolism of the cards, and applying Jungian techniques for exploring the depth of that symbolism within our own subconscious, will reveal life changing wisdom at a level beyond words. Anyone who’s studied the tarot seriously understands that the cards represent what Joseph Campbell calls “the hero’s journey”. Nichols describes her own journey and points us toward our ability to journey for ourselves.

Red Wheel/Weiser provides a great service by reprinting tarot treasures like this so they are once again available to the general public. SHOP FOR THE BOOK

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Deck of Interest—Blessed Be

May 25 2019

How do you bring blessings into your life?

These 46 cards, created by a pillar of the pagan community, contain special blessings, from the Celtic tradition, to enrich every area of your life. During times of struggle, times of joy, times of sadness, times of new beginnings, or times of endings, these special treasures will bring the energy of the divine into the situation for empowerment, help, and healing. There is no promise of quick fixes. There is justthe comfort of knowing you are connected to something larger than yourself and that you share that connection with others who wish you well.

Jane Starr Weils’ beautiful illustrations are filled with the ancient symbolism of Celtic ways. The beings in each card are alive with energies that call out for the observer to join them. Whether using the cards for meditation or divination, they will be a source of insight and comfort. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2019 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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Deck of Interest—Magical Dogs Tarot

May 17 2019

What secrets will these canines tell you?

Mickie Mueller’s engaging portraits will capture the hearts of canine lovers, but these cards contain much more than the animated representations which bring each breed to life. Mickie and her husband Daniel tell us that “inside the breast of every dog beats the heart of a wolf”. They remind us that the ancient partnership between canine and human dates back to the beginning of recorded history. As totem animals they appear in almost all of the world’s spiritual traditions.

In addition to being a powerful interpretation of the tarot symbolism, these canine card images connect us to ancient mysteries and primeval magic. The well-thought-out symbolism coupled with the expressive illustrations make this a great deck to study in addition to using it for readings. SHOP FOR THE DECK

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Deck of Interest—Soulful Wisdom

May 11 2019

How do you contact your Divine Feminine?

As issues of female empowerment reach peak media attention, Helene Lerner, founder of has tackled the challenge of how to help women deal with the increasing pressures that they face without retreating and giving up opportunities for advancement. She has created this deck of fifty cards to help women gain balance, navigate change, reach acceptance, and fuel their creativity. Garth Brooks calls the deck “a soulful, motivational reminder that keeps women’s goals and dreams alive”. Jane Mjolsness’ quietly powerful drawings bring the concepts to life.

Designed to be daily meditational/mindfulness tools, those of you who do card readings will find them invaluable in spreads that deal with resolving crises and removing blocks to advancement. Just thumbing through the deck produces a serene energy and sense of relaxed control. SHOP FOR THE DECK

© 2019 Anna Jedrziewski and InannaWorks

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